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Changing one year campus access titles to open access

Login to ScholarWorks

Click on Doctoral Dissertations May 2014 – current

Click on manage dissertations

Click on batch revise excel

Generate a spreadsheet of current data from Doctoral Dissertations May 2014 – current

Wait for it to download

Click refresh on your browser if it gets stuck and says pending for too long

Click on download

click filter

click arrow at top of the document type column

Select campusone

Sort spreadsheet by publication date oldest to newest

Delete all of the titles that have a publication date of less than 1 year ago

Highlight whole spreadsheet

Change all values campusone to openaccess using find and replace

Save and name spreadsheet February 2015 campusone to open access (in Feb 2016) or May 2015 in May 2016

Go back to ScholarWorks and upload revised spreadsheet

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