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Deleting Records in ALEPH (simple instructions)

NOTE: These instructions are for deleting a bibliographic record. However, in some cases you may want to only delete one or more of the attached records (HOL, ADM, Order, etc.). The following instructions will also apply.

Open bibliographic record in Cataloging module

Delete Items and HOL

Open list of items (if any). Delete or transfer all items from record.

To Delete Items:

  1. Enter a character in the Internal Note field under 3. General Information (2) if necessary.
  2. Fix irregularities in the item. (For example, if numbers are present in Enum.Level.2(B) under 5. Serial Levels, but not in Enum.Level.1(A)(vol.), enter a character in Enum.Level.1(A)(vol.)
  3. Delete item.

To Transfer Items:

  1. Unlink items from HOL record.
  2. Make sure no item has an order record number present under 3. General Information (2)
  3. Open a split screen, and call up bibliographic record to which you want to transfer items (BIB#2), so that it is side-by-side with the record you want to transfer from (BIB#1).
  4. Click the “overview tree” button (2nd icon from left on the top right of Cataloging screen, with three little squares)
  5. Drag the items to be transferred from BIB#1 to the ADM of BIB#2. NOTE: This will be a different place than other items attached to BIB#2 under an HOL. Click off “overview tree” button.
  6. Go to item list of BIB#2. Link transferred items to correct HOL.
  7. “X” out of BIB#2.

Once no more items exist on the bibliographic record to be deleted (BIB#1 above), you can delete the HOL. You might get a green note that the HOL is attached to a subscription, but you can override this.

Deleting ADM, Order, Subscription

The ADM cannot be deleted from a bibliographic record if it has a subscription and/or order record attached. Subscriptions and order records must be deleted first, in the Acquisitions Module.

To Delete Orders and Subscriptions:

  1. Open Acquisitions Module by clicking the four-dot icon (first one on left) at right-hand bottom of screen.
  2. Click ALEPH tab in the top left-hand corner in the Acquisitions Module.
  3. Highlight CONNECT TO… and choose the ADM you wish to delete (or example, UMA50 for UMass, AMH50 for Amherst, etc.)
  4. Return to bibliographic record in the Cataloging Module, by clicking the long tab on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Push the record into Acquisitions by clicking Open Acquisitions Record (four-dot icon) on the right-hand top of the screen.
  6. Highlight [L] Order List and delete order record if one exists. NOTE: If there is money encumbered, you will get a warning message. In this case DO NOT delete order. The ADM and bib. record will need to stay in the system. Add a STA SUPPRESSED field into the bib. If desired, you can add a brief HOL with a 590 note explaining the situation, and STA SUPPRESSED inserted.
  7. Click the “stack of books” (Serial), highlight [L] Subscription List (1), and delete subscription.

To delete the ADM and bibliographic record:

  1. Return to bibliographic record in the Cataloging Module. Highlight ADM record you want to delete, and call it up on the screen. Hit Control-R (or Edit Text) to delete it from the server.
  2. Delete bibliographic record from the server.
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