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E-Book Cataloging

How a MARC record for an individual e-book title gets into our catalog depends on the publisher and source of the records. Some come as part of packages and some are ordered on a title-by-title basis. Mike Allard keeps a schedule for autoloads of vendor records at W:/Departmental Folders/Acquisitions/Electronic resources/Statistics/eresource_load_stats072709.xlsx.

The processes for adding titles from different sources are described below.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

  • After an individual or group of titles is ordered, an activation notice with an invoice number is sent via email by Gale.
  • This email should be forwarded to Mike Allard (
  • The Gale MARC record download site is at
  • Our location code (mlin_w_umassamh) and the invoice number enable a prompt for downloading specific records.

NOTE: Archival copies of the books on CD-ROMs are sent to the library automatically via the Automatic CD Shipment process, per Adrienne Roach (, 2/9/09, ct. Upon receipt these are clearly marked with titles included and sent to Rob Cox in SCUA.

Added Copy or Edition First, this is an attempt to classify, with examples, the different e-book acquisition inputs, then to continue with the processes for their acquisition, cataloging and ongoing maintenance. • Packages – from aggregator, consortia or publisher (or Gobi?) o Purchase – NetLibrary, EEBO, Elsevier, Springer, GVRL o Subscription – STATRef!, Books 24×7, ebrary, Knovel, Oxford Reference Premium

• Individual titles – o Purchase – - YBP - Gobi - Direct from publisher

• Mono Series – via publisher or aggregator o Purchase – Literature Criticism (Gale), CQ Press Political Reference Suite, Royal Society of Chemistry (purchased as package)


Note: see Triangle Research Libraries: Beyond Print Goals & Values statement for e-book access, licensing and management considerations - Triangle Research Libraries • Receive order request in YBP or from selector, or receive an invoice (mono series?) • Search Aleph Ser/Acq to see if UMA or Four Colleges has title(s) in collection or on order (print, via existing package or online single title). Depending on subject area, may also search ebrary, Books 24×7 or publisher platform.

  1. Ordered List Item

For individual titles, check purchase options for platforms and pricing in Gobi, then publisher or consortia sites o List of e-book publishers available through Gobi available in …

  1. Check for license in place, or request license and negotiate terms.

o Gobi order for individual titles triggers license process if one not in place with publisher. Gobi-publisher licenses in place – ebrary o If negotiating license with publisher, add Gobi order permissions if possible

  1. Review options with selector and confirm order
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Download/create bibliographic record (Electronic order confirmation record, aka EOCR –minimal YBP record, OCLC, brief) within 48 hours to Aleph for individual title or package and suppress it (OCLC and brief; EOCR records not suppressed). o Attach order record – mono for purchase, series for subscription. Note # of users allowed and platform (done automatically for EOCR record) o Attach and suppress item and holdings records (done automatically for EOCR, not suppressed). URL inserted into holdings.


• Packages – from publisher or consortia o Purchase or subscription – Christine, Linda, Scott works with Mike Allard to determine if publisher records are available, or OCLC record set, and which is preferable choice

• Individual titles – o Purchase – - YBP – PROMPTCat record overlays EOCR record. Order, item and holdings records are automatically added - Direct from publisher – record downloaded OCLC WorldCat or brief record created. When title activated record is passed on to Meghan for check and to set holdings

• Mono Series – via publisher o Purchase – Records retrieved from publisher or OCLC WorldCat, then passed on to Meghan for check and to set holdings. Prefer edition neutral record with url to list of editions.


• Gobi generates notifications which go to eleres when e-book becomes available • Person responsible for acquisition confirms access has been granted and: o Unsuppresses bib and holdings records o Activates title(s) in SFX o Checks proxy configuration o Notifies selector o Upon invoice processing Heather, closes order record for purchased titles • Subscription renewals monitored by …? • Changes to URLs or platforms monitored and maintained by e-resources team • General support provided by dbhelp

Primary contact: Christine Turner

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