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Generating the E-Journal Holdings File for ILL RAPID, IDS Project and Browzine

RAPID and IDS Project

* see new script, /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/umass3/home/export_SFX_ejournal_holdings, which substitutes for steps 1) - 6) below (step 7), for the time being, must still be run), and steps 1) - 3) further below); script will eventually run as cron job on the 1st of every month.

We upload an SFX export file of our e-journal holdings to RAPID for integration with the software and workflow. The file is generated on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, October) or as needed. It includes all SFX serials targets with paid content which may be lent; check with ERM staff to determine any currently problematic targets which should be left off the list.

To generate the file:

1. In SFX Admin Center, under KBTools, select Export Tools and Advanced Export Queries (this is the second tab).

2. Choose these settings:

  • output format is TXT;
  • object type is Serials;
  • there is no additional export file to use -leave blank;
  • active portfolio service is getFullTxt;
  • export from SPECIFIC targets
    • A list of included targets is maintained at R/S:\DRMS\SFX\Rapid files\RAPID_SFX_targets. See also R/S:\Acquisitions\Electronic Resources Projects\Licensing\ILL_Lending_Rights.xlsx for targets to exclude which are labeled DO NOT LEND. CORAL Licenses is also helpful.
  • uncheck “Include Author Info” box
  • use the default Simplified Chinese title and
  • “Submit”.


  • Choose Advanced Export Profile, maintained from Rapid file list above by Catherine.

3. When file is generated, save. Open Excel and then open the file. Using the Text Import Wizard, Step 1, choose data type Delimited and file origin: 65001 : Unicode (UTF – 8) to maintain the diacritics from SFX. Proceed through the following two steps of the wizard using the defaults.

4. Many columns of data are included in the SFX export file. Working from right to left, delete all except:

  • Active threshold (PERL version) (column q in the output file)
  • E ISSN (column h)
  • Target (usually equals or includes publisher) (column f)
  • Print ISSN (column d)
  • Title (column b)

5. Save the file with the date generated, e.g. ILL_0412.xlsx, to S:\Acquisitions\Electronic Resources Projects\ILL holdings lists.

6. Log into RAPID at and follow the upload instructions: (Holdings Format? Journals, …electronic e-journal file…? SFX, Holdings Type? Electronic, File Type? Excel)

Login credentials are in CORAL organization record under Accounts.

7. Put file for IDS Project in the Google Folder. (contact: William Jones,


We upload an SFX export file of our e-journal holdings to Browzine on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, October) or as needed. It includes all SFX serials targets. Use the RAPID_ILL SFX Advanced Profile to generate a holdings file for Browzine.

1. Login to SFX as above and choose Advanced Export Profiles, select the option for “Browzine_SFXexport” and “Submit”

2. Zip the file and save to S:\Acquisitions\Electronic Resources Projects\Browzine

3. Upload the file to

Complete information is available at


Primary contact: Christine Turner

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