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E-Resources Cataloging - FASTCAT Standards

Guidelines for Open Access Resources

In general we will catalog any open access resource that is scholarly in nature and has a record available to download from OCLC. We will also do original cataloging for open access resources that are scholarly in nature and are in some way affiliated with UMass Amherst or the Five Colleges.

Access will be provided through the following discovery tools:

  • Aleph catalog
  • WorldCat Local catalog
  • SFX for e-journals if there is a target available
  • Database Locator for selected databases

Workflow for Open Access Resources

  • Free internet resources are chosen by selectors and others, who fill out an online “Request for cataloging free internet resources” form:

  • The forms go to the electronic resources cataloger in BAMU.
  • If the resource is a journal do not catalog it. Instead pass it on to the electronic resources librarian who will check to see if the title can be activated in SFX and cataloged with a MARCit record.
  • If the resource is a database, the form should also be passed on the person in charge of adding databases to the Database Locator after it has been cataloged.
  • Do we need to do something with the WorldCat Local Knowledge base?
  • After these steps have been completed notify the selector via email that the resource was cataloged.

FastCat Instructions for Both Open Access and Licensed E-Resources

  1. Look up record in Aleph and Connexion. (For free internet resources just look up record in Connexion by title. There won't be a record in Aleph.)
  1. Copy and paste URL from holdings record into web browser to view resource
  1. Evaluate MARC record for FASTCAT

For e-books make sure the fixed field form is for BOOKS

In the fixed fields check to make sure:

BLvl Bibliographic Level is coded m for monograph

Form ‘o’ (online) or an ‘s’ (electronic)

For e-journals, databases, and websites make sure the fixed field form is for CONTINUING RESOURCES

In the fixed fields check to make sure:

Form ‘o’ (online) or an ‘s’ (electronic)

BLvl Bibliographic Level is coded:

i for updating websites and updating databases

s for e-journals

For all types of e-resource records check that:

There is an 006

There is an 007

Accurate title and statement of responsibility:

245 A Title

245 B Subtitle

245 H $h [electronic resource] (This will be between subfield A and B, or after subfield P or N). RDA records will not have $h [electronic resource].

245 C Statement of Responsibility (Author) – If there is a statement of responsibility for the resource make sure it is accurate in the record.

Accurate information for:

250 Edition statement: - If present in the record check the 250 field to help identify matching editions.

260 A Place of publication

260 B Publisher (may contain abbreviations)

260 C Date of Publication

300 Physical Description: If the resource has pagination make sure it is accurate in the record

362 (For continuing resources only): check 362 field for accurate Dates of Publication

RDA records should have the following 3xx fields:

336 text ǂb txt ǂ2 rdacontent

337 computer ǂb c ǂ2 rdamedia

338 online resource ǂb cr ǂ2 rdacarrier

6XX Subject At least one subject must be present unless it is a book of literature.

1XX or 7XX Author/editor

If a person is named in 245$C, either a 1XX or 7XX entry must be present in the record.

Overlay/export record to Aleph

If edits are made to record in Connexion, replace record in Connexion and overlay Aleph record. (Make sure to delete the 856 from the bib in Aleph after overlaying though!)

Search OCLC and overlay a better record if record is not up to FASTCAT standards.

For free internet resources, just export the record to Aleph. There won't be an existing bib to overlay. (Don't forget to move the URL from the bib to the holdings record in Aleph after you export the record!)

Add 9XX fields

Add 910 with initials and date


Add 930 OCLC

Item records:

For free internet resources you will need to add an item record. For licensed e-resources you will just need to double check the coding.

Make sure the item record is coded properly:

For item record:

Sublibrary = UMDUB

Collection = UWWW

Material type = choose ejournal, ebook, website or whatever is most appropriate

Item status = 04 Internet

For free e-resources code statistic field 09 for e-free in tab 3

For paid e-resources add item statistic 01 for purchase

Holdings records:

For free internet resources you will need to add a holdings record. For licensed e-resources you will just need to double check to make sure the holdings record looks okay.

Make sure the 856 field is in the holdings record and not in the bib. Indicators should be 40 or 41.

Licensed resources should have a silk prefix so off campus users can connect to the proxy server. The silk prefix is:

The URL to the resource should follow the silk prefix so together it would look like this:

Free e-resources do not need silk prefixes in the URLs.

If there is a call number in the holdings record delete it

Subfield z should say:

UMass: Connect to this title (for licensed e-resources)

Connect to this title (for free e-resources)

For e-journals – make sure there is an accurate 866 field for holdings

Fill out Statistics sheet

Use the 910 field to record statistics. See 910 Formatting for instructions.

Open Access Resources

Notify the selector via email that the resource was cataloged.

Primary contact: Meghan Bergin

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