EAST Reallocations Spreadsheet

Record changes to EAST commitments on this spreadsheet: EAST Reallocations Spreadsheet

Reasons to add titles and OCLC numbers to this list:

  • Item is missing
  • Item is damaged
  • Item is transferred to the Annex
  • Overlaid record with a different OCLC number
  • Lost or damaged copy was replaced with a different edition
  • Last copy was withdrawn from the collection
  • Deleting a record with an EAST commitment statement
  • Item was ordered but never received and there is an EAST commitment in the record

This is what EAST commitments look like in records:

5831 |a committed to retain |c 20160630 |d 20310630 |f EAST |u http://eastlibraries.org/retained-materials |z Amherst College copy: EAST commitment |5 MA

5831 |a committed to retain |c 20160630 |d 20310630 |f EAST |u http://eastlibraries.org/retained-materials |z UMass copy: EAST commitment |5 MU

Say yes to the question “Should an attempt be made to reallocate this title?” if no other libraries have committed to retain the title. You can look this up by OCLC number in the EAST Retentions database

For more information about EAST Commitments and the Reallocation process see the EAST website

Questions can be submitted to MetadataHelp@umass.libanswers.com

For more information on workflows involving EAST see the following instructions:

Withdrawal of Library Materials from the Collection






Primary contact: Meghan Bergin

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