Endowment Fund Orders

Placing Orders with Endowment Funds

The Library has a number of endowed funds we can use to order library materials. Every year, the Foundation Office (Boston) notifies the Library Business Office how much the Library can spend using these monies. The Library Business Office publishes these amounts on the Acquisitions Statement of Accounts. The head/assistant head of acquisitions, in conjunction with the coordinator of collection development, notifies subject selectors responsible for these funds of both the amount available for them to spend and the deadline by which they need to send the orders to Acquisitions.

Each of these endowments has been assigned its own budget that is input into orders paid out of each endowment. We also include a vendor note instructing vendors to bill us separately for these endowment orders.

Orders from the following are invoiced separately and Acquisitions puts a note on the invoice telling the Business Office which endowment account to pay from. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PROCARD or deposit account to order items paid from endowments because we need an invoice in hand. There is no means by which the Foundation Office can reimburse the Library for use of procard or deposit account. The invoice is then passed to Terry Warner in the Library Business Office. The Business Office inputs the invoice information into an account spreadsheet. The business office sends the invoice to the Foundation Office in Boston. The Foundation Office is responsible for paying these invoices and they need these invoices by May 1 of each year.

Upon receipt, any book paid out of endowment funds needs a bookplate indicating that it is a gift of that fund.

Endowment orders & Midwest Library Services

We have an arrangement with Midwest Library Services for endowment orders. Paper purchase orders for anything published in the U.S. can be sent to them. A vendor note “please invoice separately” should be input into the order. Both the endowment name and “please invoice separately” should be highlighted on the printed slip (do not send any endowment orders electronically - the special information we need highlighted gets lost in the transmission). Midwest will send a proforma invoice to us if necessary. Processing supervisor generally calls Midwest to warn them ahead of time.

Endowments administered by Foundation Office

Bestor Endowment

Donated in honor of our former business librarian, these monies are to be used to acquire business materials. The business selector is responsible for ordering for this fund.

Bigelow Endowment

Donated by professor emerita Margaret Barr Bigelow, this fund is used for the acquisition of periodicals in biological sciences. These subscriptions have already been selected and the order records coded, therefore the money is not allocated to a subject selector to spend. The subscription agent from whom we have ordered the designated titles has set up a separate account for these titles and bills us separately.

Honigberg Endowment

These monies were donated for the purchase of public health materials. The biological sciences librarian is responsible for ordering for this fund.

J.C. Cutter Endowment

Donated by John C. Cutter, the health sciences selector is responsible for selecting materials to be paid from these funds.

J.F. Kennedy Endowment

Donated for the acquisition of library materials from the JFK era in government and political science. The political science selector is responsible for selecting items to be paid from these monies. Exception: Invoices for orders paid from this are processed through the Library and not the Foundation Office

Latin American Endowment

Donated for the acquisition of Latin American materials. The subject selector responsible for purchasing materials from this region of the world selects items ordered from this fund.

Littauer Endowment

Donated for the acquisition of Judaica, the subject selector responsible for this subject area selects items to be ordered using these monies. Books published in U.S. should be ordered from Midwest - we have a special account set up with them for endowment orders.

Pomeroy Endowment

Donated for acquisition of general library materials, the biological sciences selector has traditionally been awarded these monies and typically by entomological related items. Endowments administered by Library.

Other Endowments

The following endowments can used to purchase any materials needed by the Library. When placing orders, acquisitions staff should input a special account code as designated by the selector. Unlike the endowments above (and with the exception of Friends of the Library restricted orders), we do not need to have vendors invoice us separately. The invoices are input into Innopac, deducted from the appropriate acquisitions account spreadsheet, and payment vouchers are created in Acquisitions.

Class of 1930

These monies can be used to purchase any materials and are not allocated to any one selector. Frequently, Acquisitions processes invoices that most closely match the total in the fund for a particular fiscal year

Class of 1932

Same treatment as Class of 1930

Friends of the Library Endowment

Donated by library supporters for general materials. Same treatment as Class of 1930

Library Endowment

Same treatment as Class of 1930

Friends of the Library

The Library also receives monies each year from the Friends of the Library in both restricted and unrestricted funds. The Secretary of the Friends notifies Collection Development & Acquisitions how much money they are giving to the Library, and of that amount how much is for restricted and unrestricted orders. Restricted fund orders include materials purchased through a donation. These orders have their own budget codes as well, i.e., FOL—Iliardi, FOL—Phinney, FOL—Rothstein, FOL—FOL Colly. We should request that vendors bill these specific FOL separately as well even though they are paid through the library.

Professor Sally N. Lawall Endowment

To WEB DuBois Library for books in comparative literature and humanities. ($100,000 bequest - new in FY22 - income anticipated to become available in FY23)

Primary contact: Scott Stangroom

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