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Receiving ordered Monographs using FASTCAT

1. Scan ISBN or type in title to “FIND” field in SEARCH section of Acquisitions module

2. View MARC catalog record

3. Evaluate MARC record for FASTCAT

OCLC records for printed books must correspond to book-in-hand as follows:

Accurate transcription from title page, title page verso, colophon, covers, or other:

 245 A Title
 245 B Subtitle
 245 C Statement of Responsibility (Author)

Accurate imprint information from title page, title page verso, colophon, covers, or other:

260 A Place of publication
260 B Publisher (may contain abbreviations)
260 C Date of Publication

Physical Description:

300 A Extent, pagination

OCLC records for printed books must also include the following:

040 B Language of cataloging - If present in the record, must contain “eng” ONLY
Make sure that the catalog record is in English
050 A&B or 090 A&B 
A well-formed LC call #, containing both $a (classification) and $b (cutter/date). 
If well-formed do not evaluate,    edit or check either subfield
6XX   Subject   
At least one subject must be present unless it is a book of literature.  
Do not evaluate, edit or check any subject entry.
1XX or 7XX   Author/editor 
If a person is named in 245$C, either a 1XX or 7XX entry must be present in the record. 
Do not evaluate, do not create addition entries, do not evaluate for main entry.

4. Receive in Acquisitions Mode

Note order # on invoice or packing slip
Read library note field for important info that may need to be noted
Change order status to WP
Add Arrival 
Go to item, change item process status and add barcode

5. Create new holdings (HOL Links, create new), and check to make sure it worked

6. If FASTCAT, then do 9XX fields

Go to Cataloging
Add 928 field, tab, tab
Add 930 field, tab, tab
Add 910 field
FASTCAT today’s date 5/20/10
{Control-L} or save with icon on upper right side of screen

7. Fill out Statistics sheet

8. If FASTCAT RUSH then give to Linda Fish, if FASTCAT not-RUSH then put on appropriate truck, if NOT FASTCAT then put on shelf.

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