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Procedures for Unsolicited and Unplanned Gifts

Receiving gifts

We do not accept damaged materials as gifts as we cannot afford to remediate or bind damaged gifts.

When a monographic gift item is first unpacked, keep any inserts/letters about the gift with the item and insert a Gift Routing Slip (see Susan Pease to obtain). Either give the item to Susan, or follow this procedure:

  • Write the date on the routing slip, next to “Date rec'd.”
  • Search ALEPH by title.
  • If UMass Amherst does not hold the title, check “Title not in collection.”
  • If UMass Amherst holds the title, check “Library already has another COPY/EDITION” as appropriate.
  • Check in the upper right of the item record display to see how many times the existing copy or edition has been checked out, and write that number in the gift routing slip next to “Number of check-outs.”
  • Place book with filled-out routing slip on the “GIFTS: NEED SELECTOR DECISION” shelves

Selectors should first check either “Add to Collection” or “Do Not Add to Collection.” Selector should place wanted volumes on either the “Gifts to be Kept” shelf or the “Priority Gifts” shelf. Unwanted volumes can be placed on the Better World Books shelf or discarded as the Selector deems appropriate.

Cataloging gifts

Since a gift can sit in a backlog for a long period of time, search Aleph to see if we have acquired the title separately in the meantime. If the volume is part of a numbered series, search Aleph again to see if we have the series title. If we do and the series record does not contain that particular series number, check with Susan Pease.

If we do not hold a particular title in Aleph, search in OCLC.

  • If DLC/DLC or good contributed copy is found, Export the record to Aleph. Add the appropriate 9xx field(s) (initials/date, OCLC, AUTHORITY) and update the bib record. Catalog to Main Stacks or SEL as appropriate and add item record/holdings record as usual. Item Process Status should be PC and Statistics should be 02. If the book had a notation about the donor, leave slip in book. If it is destined for SEL, place slip in book.
  • If less-than-full cataloging copy is found (usually ELvl K, M, 3), update our holdings in OCLC then Export the record to Aleph. Create an item record with a barcode in General Information 1. In General Information 2, set Statistics 02 and add the Internal Note: on Pending Gifts shelf in IRM. Make a printout of the bib record in Aleph, place inside book, and place the book on the Pending Gifts shelf behind Susan Pease.
  • If no cataloging copy is found in OCLC, return the books to the “Accepted Gifts” shelf. Make sure there is an “OCLC 0[slash]” and the date searched on a post-it on the front.

If we do hold a particular title in Aleph:

  • If the record is for a withdrawn copy, remove the SUPPRESSED field from the bib record and the Holdings record. Add a 910 field with your initials and date plus REINSTATED. Add the book in hand as an added copy. Process as usual.
  • If the record is for an item which gets a lot of use, add the book in hand. If the item does not get a lot of use, place the book on the Better World shelf.
  • If we have an electronic version of the book in hand, add the print copy to our collection with its own bib record.

Ser Anals, Contin Anals, Cat Seps, Contin Cat Seps:

If we do not hold a series title, search on OCLC. If a record is found for the series title and/or individual title for the book in hand, make a printout(s) to insert into the book and set it aside on the specified shelf in the Gifts Backlog for further work.


Catalog as usual or notify Linda Merritt of these.


Sometimes we get tapes or similar musical works. Inform Peter Shea.

Questionable additions

Not all gifts have been Selected and not all are worth the time to do original cataloging or are not good additions to our collection. Examples are a Finnish language version of a popular 21st century English language novel or a publisher's proof edition of a fully published work. Put these on the specified shelf in the Gifts Backlog for further consideration.

Gifts in poor condition

Some volumes come to us in delicate or poor condition. We do not accept damaged materials as gifts as we cannot afford to remediate or bind damaged gifts.

Primary contact: Susan Pease, Kay Dion

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