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Gov Docs Transfer Project Cataloging Instructions

The goal of this project is transfer the print copy to Du Bois stacks and to check if there is an electronic version.

Scan barcode to look up in Aleph

Copy title from bib and search by title to see if there are other records e.g. bunker or existing record for electronic version

Check to see if there is an LC call number in record already

If yes, change the item and holdings record to reflect the correct location and LC call number

If not, copy OCLC number from Aleph and look up record in Connexion

Check to make sure there’s an LC call number in OCLC record

If there’s an LC call number in OCLC record, export it from Connexion to Aleph – *make sure OCLC numbers match before exporting because some records were merged and have new OCLC numbers now

Delete any URLs in print record

Add 930 OCLC to record

Add item process status PC and place on the re-label shelf. (If item is flimsy - i. e. won’t stand up on its own - or falling apart give to Lorraine instead)


Count each title under copy cataloging

Count any added volumes or added copies

Count the total number of volumes (NOT titles) in the gov docs withdrawn category

Electronic version:

For federal gov docs:

Check to see if print record has a 776 for online version or a URL pointing to an online version. If so, either print the record out and save it in a file folder or save the record in a save folder on Connexion just in case we need to go back to these.

For state gov docs:

Check to see if print record has a 776 for online version – If yes, copy OCLC number to look up record in Connexion

If not, search Connexion by title and limit material type to web access

Check record according to FastCat principles

Also make sure to check:

That form in the fixed fields is coded with either an ‘o’ or an ‘s’

There is a 245 $h [electronic resource]

Export record to Aleph

Bring up record in Aleph

Delete all 856 fields from the bib

Add 910, 930

Add item and holdings records:

First add item record

No barcode (obviously)

Sublibrary: UMDUB

Collection: UWWW

Material type: Choose ebook, ejournal, online database, or website whichever seems to fit the best – most of these will probably be ebooks or ejournals

Item status: 04 Internet

Then add holdings record:

Delete subfields with call number

Cut and paste URL from holdings record attached to bib for print version

If there’s no subfield z in the 856 with a suitable phrase, create a new subfield z, then add this text: Connect to this title

Go back and delete existing item and holdings records for electronic version from print record

*If there is no electronic item and holdings record attached to the print bib, check to see if URLs are available in either the print or electronic record from OCLC and cut and paste from there instead. Make sure the URL works before using it in a record.

Delete call number from 852 field and erase the 0

Make sure cursor is set at the very end of the 852 field

Press the F6 button to create a new field after the 852 field

Type 856 41 u – Paste URL

Press the F7 button to create a subfield z – Connect to this title

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