Graduate Degree Program Codes

The Graduate Records Office uses the following codes for program degrees when it creates a spreadsheet for dissertations and theses for the library's Thesis Cataloger. The codes specify the name of the degree program to be used in the 657 field when a bibliographic cataloging record is created for each work. Note that some degree programs have undergone name changes and/or mergers over the years, but the library goes by whatever degree program name the Graduate Records Office uses.

Note that some Degree programs are missing codes. These are programs found under the subject headings “Theses–<program name>–<degree>” in the UMass library catalog, and are past programs which have been changed, merged with other departments, or no longer exist.

| | | | Agricultural Economics | | | MS |

Agricultural Education MS
Agricultural Engineering MS
Agronomy MS, Ph.D.
Animal Husbandry MS
ANSCI Animal Sciences (former dept. name) MS, Ph.D.
ANSCI Animal Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences MS, Ph.D.
ANTH Anthropology MA, Ph.D.
ARCH Architecture MA
Art (Design) MS
ARTHIS Art History MA
ASTRO Astronomy MS, Ph.D.
Bacteriology MS, Ph.D.
Bacteriology and Public Health MS
BIOCH Biochemistry MS , Ph.D.
BIOL Biology MS, Ph.D.
BOTNY Botany MS, Ph.D.
Business Administration MBA, Ph.D.
Ceramics MFA
CE Civil Engineering MSCE, Ph.D.
CH E Chemical Engineering MSChE, Ph.D.
CHEM Chemistry MS, Ph.D.
CHNSE Chinese MA
CMPSC Computer Science MS, Ph.D.
COMDS Communication Disorders MA, Ph.D.
COMLT Comparative Literature MA, Ph.D.
COMM Communication MA, Ph.D.
COMST Communication Studies MA, Ph.D.
Computer and Information Science MS, Ph.D.
Consumer Science MS
CS Consumer Studies MS
Counseling Psychology Ph.D.
Dairy MS
ECO Environmental Conservation MS, Ph.D.
ECON Economics MA, Ph.D.
EDUC Education MS,Ph.D.,Ed.D.
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering MSECE, Ph.D.
EE Electrical Engineering MS, Ph.D.
ENGL English MA, Ph.D.
ENT Entomology MS, Ph.D.
EVENG Environmental Engineering MS, Ph.D.
EXSCI Exercise Science MS, Ph.D.
Fisheries and Wildlife Biology MS, Ph.D.
FISH Fisheries Biology MS, Ph.D.
Floriculture MS, Ph.D.
FDAGE Food (Science) and Agricultural Engineering MS, Ph.D.
F&REC Food and Resource Economics MS, Ph.D.
FDENG Food Engineering MS, Ph.D.
FDSCI Food Science MS, Ph.D.
FS&N Food Science and Nutrition MS, Ph.D.
Food Science and Technology MS, Ph.D.
Food Technology MS, Ph.D.
FREST Forest Resources *SEE NOTE* MS, Ph.D.
Forestry and Wildlife Management MS, Ph.D.
Forestry and Wood Technology MS, Ph.D.
FREN French MA, Ph.D.
FRNST French and Francophone Studies MA, Ph.D.
GEOG Geography MS
GEOL Geology MS
GEOSC Geosciences MS, Ph.D.
German MA, Ph.D.
GRMAN Germanic Languages and Literatures MA, Ph.D.
GOVT Government MA, Ph.D.
HSPAN Hispanic Literatures and Linguistics MA, Ph.D.
HIST History MA, Ph.D.
HOMEC Home Economics MS
Horticulture MS, Ph.D.
HTMGT Hospitality and Tourism Management MS
HRTA Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Administration MS
HUMDV Human Development MS
Human Movement Ph.D.
Industrial Engineering MSIEOR, Ph.D.
IE Industrial Engineering and Operations Research MSIEOR, Ph.D.
JAPAN Japanese MA
KIN Kinesiology MS, Ph.D.
LABOR Labor Studies MS
LDARC Landscape Architecture MLA
LA/RP Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning MLA/MRP
LING Linguistics Ph.D.
Management Ph.D.
MANFE Manufacturing Engineering MSManfE
MRNSC Marine Science and Technology MS
MARSC Marine Sciences MS
MATH Mathematics MS, Ph.D.
MATH Mathematics and Statistics Ph.D.
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MS
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Ph.D.
M E Mechanical Engineering MSME, Ph.D.
MICBIO Microbiology MS, Ph.D.
MCB Molecular and Cellular Biology MS, Ph.D.
MCBAN Molecular and Cellular Biology/Animal Science MS, Ph.D.
MUSIC Music MM, Ph.D.
NSB Neuroscience and Behavior MS, Ph.D.
NURSE Nursing MS, Ph.D.
NUTRN Nutrition MS, Ph.D.
Nutrition and Food MS, Ph.D.
OCEAN Ocean Engineering MS, Ph.D.
Olericulture MS
OEB Organismic and Evolutionary Biology MS, Ph.D.
OEBEN Organismic and Evolutionary Biolology/Entomology MS, Ph.D.
Painting MFA
PHIL Philosophy MA, Ph.D.
PE Physical Education MS
PHYSC Physics MS, Ph.D.
PLSOIL Plant and Soil Sciences MS, Ph.D.
PB Plant Biology MS, Ph.D.
PLPTH Plant Pathology MS, Ph.D.
POLSCI Political Science MA, Ph.D.
PS E Polymer Science and Engineering MS, Ph.D.
Pomology MS, Ph.D.
Poultry MS, Ph.D.
Printmaking MFA
PSYCH Psychology MS, Ph.D.
PUBAD Public Administration MPA
PUBHL Public Health MS, Ph.D.
PUBPA Public Policy and Administration MPPA
REGPL Regional Planning MRP, Ph.D.
RESEC Resource Economics MS, Ph.D.
ROMLG Romance Languages MA
School Psychology Ph.D.
SLAVC Slavic Languages and Literatures MA
SOCIO Sociology MA, Ph.D.
Sociology and Anthropology MA, Ph.D.
SOM Management MS, Ph.D.
SPAN Spanish (and Portuguese) MA, Ph.D.
SPECH Speech MA, Ph.D.
SPTMG Sport Management Ph.D.
SPORT Sport Studies MS, Ph.D.
Veterinary and Animal Sciences MS, Ph.D.
WFBIO Wildlife and Fisheries Biology MS, Ph.D.
WFCON Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation *SEE NOTE* MS, Ph.D.
Wildlife Biology MS
WDTCH) Wood (Science and) Technology MS
ZOOL Zoology Ph.D.

*NOTE* The Forest Resource and Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation Degree Programs are no longer available after Sept. 2010. They are now known as the Environmental Conservation degree program.

Primary contact: Kay Dion

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