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HLM Admin Management

HLM, or Holdings Management, is the EBSCO system that powers the exact match eJournal placard in EBSCO. Maintaining HLM means enabling subscribed, full-text eJournal content. Approximately 87% of our eJournal subscriptions (individual and package) are paid to EBSCO. Once something appears in HLM then you can go about the relatively simple process of enabling the package or title.

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HLM Overview

The overview page for HLM in the EBSCOAdmin shows how many unique titles and packages we have enabled, as well as linking out to be able to create custom resources and packages, and to manage some of our universal settings. From this page you can get to the following

  • Titles and Packages
    • This placard will open up the search screen and default to selected.
      • The number of packages is split between managed (EBSCO Global) and UMA Custom
      • The number of titles is for unique titles, and includes managed (EBSCO Global) and UMA custom titles. A download of the full KB will not match this number as it includes duplicates.
  • Managing Links
    • This portal is similar to ranking in EDS. Here you can rerank, manage link assignments, change text/icons/etc, and manage our local links for Menu integrations, etc.
      • EBSCO should automatically apply the appropriate links when we activate a resource.
  • Upload/Download Holdings
    • This can be used to import external data into existing Packages
      • Documentation exists on EBSCO Connect and below for these functions
      • Notes are not included.
  • Searching Options
    • When searching by title, rely primarily on an identifier rather than title as HLM does not return results consistently for all titles.
    • Searching by UMAAH under vendors will return custom packages created locally.
  • Manage Notes
    • These are for the internal or public notes attached to records, not for Custom Labels. This is available by going into the title search screen.
      • HLM is hierarchical like SFX. Any note attached to a vendor will inherit down to Package and then Title.
    • There is no functional limit to how many notes you can create or attach to a record, but they do only appear in FTF and PubFinder, not in the Exact Match Screen
      • Notes should be avoided as they behave strangely. Use appropriate Custom Labels for internal and public notes, use these notes when you need to apply something across multiple KB items or if you need more advanced formatting.
  • eHoldings & the Holdings IQ
    • Data from HLM and eHoldings communicate back and forth nearly 1:1 via the HoldingsIQ product. There is no delay (unless something is wrong) but some things only exist on one side of the divide (notes for instance are not shared between HLM and eHoldings.)

Understanding Linking

HLM functions as the back end for the Link Resolver Full Text Finder, and the eJournal A-Z Publications Finder. These two interfaces rely on different linking mechanisms.

  • The Full Text Finder CustomLink exists in EBSCO profiles to allow for the generation of a Link Resolver Menu
  • HLM Links are associated with different packages and titles in packages. They are automatically associated with selected content but can be edited. They are generated based on the combination of the BaseURL, a Query String, and a Mandatory Field
    • There is a known issue with HLM links relying solely on the DOI rather than ISSN or a combination of multiple identifiers. For a link to correctly appear on an FTF menu there MUST be a DOI in the source metadata. When found, these should be reported to EBSCO. Bob suggested that sometimes an ISSN version of a link can be created and Sara has had luck with getting additional metadata elements included.
    • This is a VERY different structure than SFX.
  • PubFinder Links appear in the titles themselves. The URL stored here is what is actually linkable from PFUI and can sometimes be used on the FTF menu if the PubFinder link is applied to those packages/titles.
    • They are NOT editable, any changes need to be sent to EBSCO.

HLM/FTF/PFUI Statistics

We have not made any decisions on what sort of statistics we will track once we leave SFX.

Updating Branding

Branding for Full Text Finder and PubFinder are handled differently since PFUI is one of EBSCO's newer products.

  • FTF Branding Tab
    • Basic changes are handled here, and we use enhanced branding but most of the design is handled via the bottom branding.
    • [UMAAH TEST] FTF (prior to to Go-Live) has all of our custom branding.
      • The same LibAnswers tab Kat created for EDS is used in FTF
      • MHC lent their code for the footer link to the eResource Use Policy
      • The same Favicon Switcher app for EDS is used
      • Courtney added code created for Amherst to increase the font size and underline the menu links
      • Courtney also created code to allow for a link in the FTF header to PFUI
      • Courtney created code to allow for better mobile use of the FTF menu
      • There is also code at the base from Courtney to rearrange elements of the metadata header and to change the way that the branding works to hide the EBSCO FTF image, put our branding in the top right, and allow for better resizing of the metadata.
  • PFUI Branding
    • The branding tab only controls the Title of PubFinder and the top right text and URL for images
    • [UMAAH TEST] New PFUI (prior to Go Live) has most configuration options and it needs to be set to Plain Text for the JSON to work
      • We have LOC subject headings configured
      • Colors are configured here as well
      • Alphabrowse is TBD
      • We have hidden the Browse by Database (package) but not the filter option
      • Our UMass branding image is stored here
      • The PfResourceTypeControl contains our customized radio buttons for searching
        • Final execution TBD

Interactions with EDS

EDS and HLM are two sides of the same knowledgebase but they are NOT the same thing. EDS can be viewed primarily as a metadata source with a unique linking aspect (CustomLinks and SmartLinks/Plus) of which HLM/FTF plugs in to be a link resolver. The EKB (HLM) is NOT intended to facilitate discovery. Important things to know:

  • Selecting a package/title in HLM does NOT mean it is discoverable in EDS. Metadata is handled separately and it is possible that titles in the EKB are not actually indexed, and therefore not linkable via FTF
    • Since we have the Exact Match Placard, this is how we expect patrons to link out to a title when searching in EDS
  • FTF Menus cannot be generated when there is no match to holdings in HLM (meaning, the generation of a link! not the selection of a title). An ILL button will appear instead. This is the same behavior as SFX.
    • A link existing in HLM does NOT mean it is linkable in FTF based on EDS metadata. Metadata from EDS must include the specific mandatory elements (like a DOI) for a link to appear on the FTF menu. If the required elements are not present a link will not generate, meaning there will be false negatives for content that will lead to ILL requests.

Custom Content

Try to keep custom content to a minimum to avoid the hastels of duplication. Search UMAAH in the vendor search to find all custom content.

  • ProQuest Legislative and Executive Publications: a UMAAH custom package for the different access points/names of the PQ Congressional Collection, there is a mix of managed custom and full custom titles.
  • ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst: eJournal content from Scholarworks, there is a mix of managed custom and full custom titles.
  • UMass Amherst eResources: Outlier resources of various types, there is a mix of managed custom and full custom titles.
  • Journal Citation Reports: Based on a file provided by Clarivate to power the JCR customlink. Titles update annually.


ILL uses the link resolver in a very specific way which is different from all other patrons.

RAPID Holdings Transfers

All packages which CANNOT be lend or have at least 1 restriction on lending should be associated with the relevant note in HLM in the Admin. These assignments should be reviewed at renewals. Details are shown below for when new packages are added to the KB. Kate Z. will use these to curate distinct files for upload in to RAPID. Instructions below:

Login to the EBSCO Admin:

  1. Navigate to Holdings Management > Download Your Holdings
  2. Change Type or Format if required
    1. The default is a CSV in EBSCO's file syntax. SFX was using .txt files in their Syntax but we may want to switch to KBART.
  3. Create two downloaded files based on package content type
    1. Aggregated Full Text, E-Journal, Online Reference, Unknown
    2. eBooks
      1. A&I is not Full Text and Print is duped on the ILS transfer
  4. Enter a File Name and click “Create File for Download”
    1. The screen will refresh, wait for the status “In progress” to change to Completed
    2. Download the Files when completed.

Open one of the Files in Excel

  1. In Holdings Management, navigate to Notes (top right, below pink ribbon)
  2. Find the notes: ILL: No Lending and ILL: Restricted Lending (they will always be at the bottom of the list)
  3. Open the No Lending note and navigate to the packages tab.
  4. Use this list and filter down to these packages in the Excel File. (Column D: PackageName, use the Sort & Filter for the entire sheet)
    1. Using the search in Excel is not reliable. Uncheck the “Select All” and choose specific package names.
  5. When the list of packages is created in excel, cut an paste the content to a new spreadsheet for RAPID.
    1. Repeat for Restricted Lending
    2. This process needs to be done for both files coming from HLM.
  6. When content has been removed, resort the file and you will have all lendable content.

"At a Glance" ILL Rights


ILLiad Integration


HLM Material Counts

To generate reports for Assessment and the Statistics of the Collection please use the following instructions.

eSerial Counts

Login to the EBSCO Admin:

  1. Navigate to Holdings Management > Download Your Holdings
  2. Change Type or Format if required
    1. The default is a CSV in EBSCO's file syntax.
  3. Under Resource Types choose the desired types to generate a download file.
    1. You have to click the radio button to the right of the table before selecting resource types.
  4. Enter a File Name and click “Create File for Download”
    1. The screen will refresh, wait for the status “In progress” to change to Completed
    2. Click on the “Title List Summary” when it appears. The column “Unique Titles” will give a number that has deduplicated identical titles held in multiple places.
      1. ie. if Journal of Fish Biology is in two selected packages from Wiley it will be listed twice. This is true for a single title which is available through multiple aggregators or in a subscribed package and in an open access package with a different date range. The unique titles may be considerably less than total titles.

Enabling a New Resource

When a brand new resource appears in your queue it can be enabled in HLM.

  • Confirm whatever title or package actually matches the subscribed content. Selecting the title will activate it in HLM
    • Moving forward, we will activate all material types in HLM except for Abstract and Index packages.
    • PubFinder will be configured specifically to show only some types of title material types (primarily excluding non serial content like eBooks) but if there is a link and a linking mechanism, the content could appear in an FTF menu and will always appear in downloads.

If you are selecting a new package:

  • Always check the proxy settings, custom coverage, and whether or not the package is set to Allow EBSCO to Add New Titles.
    • OA content, including content from publishers we pay for, should not be proxied to allow for better guest access.
  • Leave any notes as Custom Labels
  • If there is a new link, it needs to be ranked in the Links Management pane and configured.
    • See details below.
  • Update ILL Spreadsheet & Notes for RAPID holdings
    • See details below
  • Agreement Lines need to be created for new content in FOLIO.

Updating ILL Information

To curate files for RAPID of what can and cannot be lent via ILL, Please add the package with associated information for licensing to the eResource Working Document Spreadsheet. (Jack's document) Then in HLM do the following:

  • If the full content of a package CAN be lent with no restrictions:
    • Do not do anything.
  • If the full content of a package CANNOT be lent:
    • Add the package to the note: ILL: No Lending
    • Kate Z. will use this to curate separate out what cannot be lent to send to RAPID.
  • If content of a package can be lent WITH RESTRICTIONS
    • Add the package to the note: ILL: Restricted Lending
      • For the time being, this content will also be considered NO LEND. Jack & Kate Z. will work to strip out this content to be loaded as a third “Restricted” file to RAPID.

Labels for the FTF Menu are also linked. Keep links on the 10s to allow for wiggle room.

  • The ranking of HLM Links is loosely based on SFX sort_services.config ranking.
    • 0 = EBSCO Linking Services (?)
    • 10 = Paid Journal subscriptions
    • 20 = Publisher hosts (Ingenta, Highwire, etc.)
    • 30 = Newspapers
    • 40 = Databases
    • 45 = Media, image, and streaming
    • 50 = Less reliable aggregators and digitized historical publications
    • 60 = eBooks
    • 70 = Open access
    • 80 = Print
    • 90 = Alternate Linking (CrossRef / PubFinder)
    • 100 = Service Links (Set to Always Show)
      • Begins with Section Label “Unable to Find Full Text?”
  • Once you've assigned or changed a ranking, scroll to the top of the page and click Refresh.
Basic Setting Field UMA Global Setting Notes
Link Name Do not Change EBSCO confirmed this doesn't affect settings.
Rank Match to above Schema
Allow EBSCO to Manage Assignments Should always be set to Yes Unless it isn't.
Category Do not Change
Link Text Get Full Text at PUBLISHER Additional Syntax: Get Full Text at {IfNotEmpty({packagename},{packagename},the publisher)}
Hover Text Get Full Text at PUBLISHER Additional Syntax: Get Full Text at {IfNotEmpty({packagename},{packagename},the publisher)}
BaseURL Do not Change
Query String Do not Change
Mandatory Fields Do not Change
Proxy Server Set to Inherited - Silk Need to confirm behavior when link is proxied but package is not
Display Settings For my Assigned Holdings Only the Service Links should be set to always show, ILL is NOT set or Items not in my Holdings
Show only if no (other) full text is available Always NO The service links should also be set to No
Show in Full Text Finder Always YES
Show to unauthenticated users Always YES They will hit the proxy if accessing via Guest Mode
Display in new window Always YES
Icon Settings NO ICONS Only service links should have icons. Alt-text is provided by EBSCO unless you are uploading an image. This may be a replacement for the SFX Bullet.

Deselecting Content

If you are deselecting entire packages, download the content first to see if there are any CustomLabels that should be preserved. Record relevant notes in FOLIO. Deselecting a title will delete ALL customizations including custom date coverage.

Renewal Procedures

Checking renewals in HLM is actually easier than SFX. There's a quick three step process for processing a renewal when it shows up in your queue.

Review Package Settings

Packages have basic settings which should be reviewed:

  • Be sure that the package has not been hidden
  • The Proxy Server should reflect whether the package is OA or not
    • (If it is mixed, it should NOT be set at the package level.)
  • Custom Date coverage should usually be unset (the exception being Springer eBooks)
  • Allow EBSCO to Add New Titles
    • Generally, unless the Package Type is Complete this should be set to No.

Checking Titles in Packages

Titles do not need to be closely checked unless the package is for individual eJournal or package content

  • For packages, title lists should be checked against the content
    • Sometimes, a new package is created and that package should be evaluated for new selection
    • Otherwise, check for cessations or title changes in EBSCONet and update Custom Labels
  • For individual eJournal titles, check access through HLM and ensure that the proxy settings are correct
    • Confirm the coverage is correct and record any relevant notes.

eBook Packages and individual eBook titles are handled differently.

  • For packages, ideally there should be a complete package and it can be treated like an eJournal package or aggregator.
  • For individual eBook titles, they really should be a one and done selection process, you won't need to review unless it's something with a recurring subscription.

The Link assigned to the package/title should be reviewed to make sure that no settings have been changed. Match the links to the criteria outlined above in the Enabling a New Resource setting.

  • Review everything relating to ILL (can/cannot lend) on the spreadsheet and the ILL notes in HLM.

Moving forward we will test links during the renewal process.

  • Create a new test profile in the “Test” Group where FTF is the only link ranked and all metadata is selected.
  • Generate an FTF menu off of EDS Metadata
  • Confirm that the link you are expecting (based on assignment) is appearing and that linking to the platform is successful.
  • Consider testing from multiple metadata sources and comparing the menus to see if mandatory fields are causing some links to fail.

HLM Regular Tasks

There are some regular maintenance things that need to be done to make sure that HLM is up to date.

Weekly Revision

EBSCO is still working on advertising content updates before they happen, so management in HLM is more reactionary than in SFX. Each week a copy of the Full KB should be downloaded and stored on the DRMS Drive and a “Titles Removed from my Holdings” report should be run for the previous week.

  • Currently the KB Download should be done on Mondays
  • The Titles Removed report should be on run on Tuesday and cover the previous Monday to Sunday. Compare titles against an appropriate download of the Full KB.
    • Ignore eBook Packages/Titles
    • De Gruyter should have 41 titles (As of 20210708)
    • EBSCO Open Access Journals should have 5 titles (As of 20210708)
    • IngentaConnect should have 19 titles (As of 20210708)
    • Publisher's Site should have 72 titles (As of 20210708)
      • NACTA Journal missing - KB Inquiry put in for re-addition.
  • If titles are removed that we care about, check the package first to see if there is still content there that can be selected, or else, create a KB Inquiry.

Once a year, all HLM Links should be checked to make sure that they conform to the criteria outlined above. Link language and hover text should be reviewed to ensure it matches, settings should be verified, and the proxy settings should be checked to make sure it is correctly toggled.

ScholarWorks Update

Once a year the custom package for ScholarWorks should be updated based on the Journals page. Package Name: ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst

Publications Finder & CrossRef are added as links but have NOT been tested yet. Jack will work with EBSCO to try and get an actual link created so that we can link to ScholarWorks articles directly. Erin Jerome should be a part of this project. Scholarworks includes DOIs so an HLM link should be possible.


HLM/FTF/PFUI Policies & Procedures

These are some of the short term policies and procedures being created for HLM, Full Text Finder, and PubFinder

KB Maintenance

Knowledgebase Maintenance takes place in two phases. Content should be renewed on a yearly basis during the renewals process (see above) and general maintenance should be performed regularly throughout the year.

For regular maintenance consider the following:

  • Content formerly managed by the autoloads should be downloaded as KBART files from the publisher platform, transformed, and uploaded to HLM to overwrite existing data twice a year. Specific instructions can be found above.
  • Links should be reviewed regularly to ensure that link language, customizations, icons, etc. have not been changed in the EBSCO Admin
  • Whenever Support interacts with HLM, their suggestions or changes should be reviewed to ensure that local decisions have not been reversed.
  • Once a week, a Full download of the KB should be taken from the Admin (minus Print and eBooks) to make sure we have backups of content.
  • Once a week, titles removed from holdings should be reviewed.

Open Access Policy

Open Access content in HLM should always be reviewed prior to it's selection. If the OA content is from a specific vendor it is likely duplicated in our subscriptions so a review should be done to make sure we are not overloading any FTF menus. If liaisons have specific requests for linking they should be asked for an academic justification as OA content is harder to manage in HLM than it was in SFX.

We are NOT selecting the large EBSCO provided OA packages as we have no way of comprehensively reviewing them for accuracy. If specific titles are requested they should be selected and documented via CustomLabels.

If linking becomes unreliable for a subset of a package content should be deselected. IRM is not able to coordinate with OA publishers for access issues so if an entire package becomes unreliable it will be delestected.

OA content is specifically not proxied on PubFinder so that all patrons can access it. We have tried to have content specific links unproxied (like HighWire Free) and include the OA button icon (like DOAJ) to advertise OA access via FTF but this method is not comprehensive and some OA content will be duped with proxied or unlabeled links.

Perpetual Access Policy

See Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes

  • This is an older version of this policy created specifically for SFX.

UMass policy for tracking and maintaining perpetual access in HLM is as follows (as of 03/10/21):

  • Cancellations of individual subscriptions: If a good range of PA is accessible (ie. more than 2-3 years) and we retain subscriptions from the same publisher, PA access can be enabled. (Ex. Taylor & Francis)
  • Transferred titles from package ejournals: Do not set up PA access EXCEPT for Springer, Wiley, and Elsevier. The Elsevier and Springer KBART loads include these titles so they will be uploaded to HLM.
  • Individual subscription transfers: Mostly we are retaining PA access but if publisher is known to retain PA, exceptions can be made. Many publishers are not reliably retaining PA access long-term so a judgement call may need to be made.
    • Publishers who have retained PA relatively reliably are: Taylor & Francis, De Gruyter, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer.
    • Publishers who have may NOT retain PA reliably are: Sage, Ovid, Cambridge, Oxford.

Configuration Decisions

Configuration Affected System Notes
Broken Link Report FTF Menu This is a reconfigured ILL menu that EBSCO can change for us. We worked with them to update branding and they can change which fields appear/are required if need be. After go live, emails will go straight to the DBHelp Queue.
Search by Citation FTF Menu Jack opted to include this feature in FTF. Unclear if it can be used as separate search interface.
HLM Link Language FTF Menu Get Full Text at Publisher should be used for Link Language and Hover text. For links used for many packages (like ProQuest) EBSCO provided syntax should be used to show the package name
HLM Link Viewing FTF Menu Links should always be set to Show to unauthenticated viewers, in FTF, and to display in a new window. Most links should be set to always show.
HLM Link Icons FTF Menu Full text links should never have icons. Service links should always have icons.
UnPaywall Link FTF Menu We configured UnPaywall with EBSCO Support. Michael then added custom code to the bottom branding to allow for correct linking via the UnPaywall API
JCR Linking FTF Menu Nash worked to create the actual link, but for limiting purposes, the package for JCR is custom and is based on a yearly upload of a title list from Clarivate.
Google Scholar FTF Menu Support created a link for a title search via Google Scholar.
Browse Databases PubFinder We opted to disable this feature since it is actually HLM packages, not “databases”
Browse Subjects PubFinder UMass is using the LOC controlled vocabulary, not EBSCO's Title Level Index (TLI)
A-Z Browse PubFinder Due to patron confusion we have disabled the second layer Alpha Browser (ie. AA, AB)
Material Type Radial Buttons PubFinder All Publications searches everything but eBooks, other than that they are self explanatory
Full Text Finder CustomLink EDS The link is configured to only appear when something matches our Holdings, however, that is not exactly true. Something is defined as matching holdings if a link is generated, not if OpenURL style metadata is available and matched against HLM

PubFinder Locations

  • Library Website Search Box (contact LTS with issues)
  • Library Databases & Collections Menu (contact LTS with issues)
  • Springshare Databases A-Z List (contact Research Services with issues)
  • Discovery Top Ribbon (contact DRMS with issues)
  • FTF Top Ribbon (contact DRMS with issues)

Embedded FTF Buttons

Base URL:

Small: Large:

Linking from a specific source to Full Text Finder

FTF uses OpenURL version 0.1


UMass is currently migrating from ExLibris’ SFX link resolver to EBSCO’s Full Text Finder. Your platform appeared in our statistics as a source so we need to update our baseURL and image icon. Please let me know what information you need from us to make this change.

Source Access Method Notes
Google Scholar Via EBSCO EBSCO Support Case #4665594, configured 6/3/2021 - confirmed FTF access 20210622. No icon, used UMass Check for Full Text (needs to be less than 25 characters including spaces) Need to sever connection between ExLibris & Google
EBSCO Discovery (eds) EBSCO Admin [UMAAH SERVICE] Full Text Finder (FTF) CustomLink ranked 100, 6/1/2021
EBSCO Host (ehost) EBSCO Admin [UMAAH SERVICE] Full Text Finder (FTF) CustomLink ranked 1, 6/1/2021 (Also enabled in EDSAPI and CAB in case they become active.
Business Books Summaries (bbs) EBSCO Admin [UMAAH SERVICE] Full Text Finder (FTF) CustomLink ranked 1, 6/1/2021 (SFX not previously configured.)
Business Source Complete (bsi) EBSCO Admin [UMAAH SERVICE] Full Text Finder (FTF) CustomLink ranked 1, 6/1/2021
MLA International (mla) EBSCO Admin [UMAAH SERVICE] Full Text Finder (FTF) CustomLink ranked 1, 6/1/2021
Reader's Guide (rdrguide) EBSCO Admin [UMAAH SERVICE] Full Text Finder (FTF) CustomLink ranked 1, 6/1/2021 (SFX not previously configured.)
ProQuest Products ProQuest Admin Portal (See FOLIO) FTF configured 6/2/2021, used small icon & Check for Full Text
Ulrich's Web Ulrich's Admin Portal (See FOLIO) FTF configured 6/2/2021, used small icon. OpenURL set to other with default FTF base URL - may not work well since Ulrich's does not include DOI
Wiley Online Library Email Wiley/EAL Sales Support FTF configured 6/10/2021, used larger icon. Will display even when we have full text on WOL platform. Also shows in the citations with intermittent successful results. Erika Schweitzer passed me on to Support.
Clarivate / Web of Science Clarivate Entitlements FTF configured 6/10/2021, used smaller icon. Michelle Fleetwood passed me on to the entitlements people.
PubMed Library LinkOut Admin FTF configured 6/14/2021, used smaller icon. Set to become active next day. Had to try again a second time using preferred PubMedID syntax. Also had to add the proxy prefix to fix issues with auth. into FTF when PubMed is not proxied.
Elsevier Elsevier Admin doesn't work - contact Support FTF configured 6/11/2021, used smaller icon and Check for Full Text at UMass. Took effect 7/7/2021
Royal Society of Chemistry Emailed, had to delete existing ELERES account to reconfigure. FTF Configured 6/28/2021, used smaller icon as .gif file to be uploaded by RSC. Had to have support configure as we worked out email filtering issue with UMass IT
Gale Gale Admin, Discovery Services FTF configured 6/15/2021, used smaller icon and Check for Full Text at UMass. OpenURL set to version 0.1. In Context products do not support FTF.
JSTOR Email JSTOR Support FTF configured 6/15/2021, “Your institution does not have access to this journal article on JSTOR. You may have other access options through University of Massachusetts, Amherst.” (Not configurable - Campus Name is button for FTF no icon)
Project Muse Muse Admin FTF configured 6/16/2021, no Icon. Used Check for Full Text at UMass. OpenURL version 1.0
MathSciNet (AMS) AMS Form, email AMS Support with responses. FTF configured 6/16/2021, Small Icon. Used Check for Full Text at UMass. Will open new window by default.
Oxford University Press Two Admins: Subscriber Services & eJournals FTF configured 6/21/2021, used small icon. OpenURL v. 1.0. Confirmed that Bibliographies migrated, EBSCO docs. say that eJournal platform does not support OpenURL as a source. SFX was configured here but as of date of config. could not find FTF button.
Annual Reviews Librarian Resource Center FTF configured 6/21/2021, used small icon (uploaded to Admin for hosting on AR site.)
Ovid / Wolters Kluwer Email Support FTF Configured 6/24/2021, used small icon (provided support with .png, they may have transformed it to a .gif file for local hosting on the Ovid platform.
Univ. Chicago Press Chicago UP Admin FTF configured 6/21/2021, used small icon (uploaded to Admin for hosting on UChicago site.)
Zotero / EndNote Email liaisons (users must configure themselves) Citation Manager libguide only has Link Resolver info for Zotero. EndNote is not supported - individual patrons may have accounts.
IEEE Emailed Support / Form FTF configured 6/22/2021, used small icon and Check for Full Text at UMass
American Psychiatric Publishing Emailed Support FTF configured 6/22/2021, used small icon and Check for Full Text at UMass
American Physiological Society Emailed Support Apparently they don't support OpenURL linking. Asked them to use small image and Check for Full Text at UMass if possible when implemented.
HAPI Emailed Support FTF Configured 6/25/2021, used small icon and Check for Full Text at UMass.
Brepols Brepols Admin / Emailed Laura Viskens for Databases FTF configured 6/22/2021 and 6/28/2021 respectively, used small icon (uploaded to Admin for hosting on Brepols site.)
Astrophysics Data System (Harvard) Emailed support We have no admin - or subscription. Patrons can choose us as their institution. FTF Configured 6/22/2021 WITH silk prefix and “?” at the end of the BaseURL.
ComAbstracts (CIOS) OpenURL Form, Icon Form then alert support Configured 6/29/2021, used small icon. Emailed support to confirm.
World Shakespeare Bib. Covered by Oxford When I went to configure this, FTF was already there. It may not be considered a separate source anymore since the takeover from Oxford.
WorldCat Will not migrate. SourceID stats are from the deprecated UMass WorldCat discovery layer which is still active as a legacy product. We do not support this and we have no link resolver enabled for the free version when accessed from our IP ranges/proxy server.
JBC Covered by Elsevier When I went to configure this I could not find any link resolver button. It may not be considered a separate source since the takeover from Elsevier.
Brill Brill AMS & Subscriber Services Admins FTF Configured 6/24/2021 and 6/25/2021, used small icon OpenURL V0.1 and metadata = XML. SFX was not previously configured on books and journals platform - FTF buttons only appear in citations for subscribed content - not on articles for non-subbed content. SFX was configured for Reference & Primary Sources even though it was not visible in the admin - used small icon. Not all reference works support OpenURL linking.
INFORMS Emailed their general contact
HeinOnline Branding FormFTF Configured 6/29/2021, used small icon. Platform documentation says Slavery in America & Gun Regulation databases are the only ones which support OpenURL linking. Cannot find an FTF button anywhere - stats were low enough in SFX that we'll be fine.
Sage Sage Secure Admin Center AND Sage Journals Admin FTF Configured for both 6/24/2021, uploaded small icon to journals admin. Sage Secure does not allow branded button. Confirmed FTF working on the journal content, not clear about eBook or CQ content.
Edinburgh Uni Press EUP Journals Admin FTF Configured 6/24/2021, uploaded small icon to journals admin.
American Chemical Society ACS Admin FTF Configured 6/25/2021, uploaded small icon to ACS admin.
Code of China Will not migrate. Unclear what the resource is or what our connection is to it. Not a subscribed resource.
Springer/Nature Emailed Bobbi Patham Not listed in SourceID Chron
Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Press Covered by HighWire Even though CSHL wasn't show in the HW Admin it did receive the updated information - it just took longer.
HighWire Admin Acct Configured 6/25/2021, used Check for Full Text at UMass. Small .gif image uploaded in the branding section. Only for specific journals/societies.
IngentaConnect Admin Acct Configured 6/25/2021, used small icon and Check for Full Text at UMass. FTF Button only appears on article citations, not on non-subbed content - the process on IG is quite confusing.

Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney

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