IRM Social Media

The IRM Social Media working group currently consists of Anne Miller, Christine Turner, Diana Pacunas, Lorraine James and Susan Pease. Christine, Diana and Susan have admin/posting rights to the Libraries' Facebook page.


  1. To share/promote IRM activities to Libraries, UMass community, Library communities, Pioneer Valley
  2. To raise visibility and educate people about what we do and its value
  3. To engage with our users and communities about what we do
  4. To build community amongst IRM staff, colleagues and patrons

Libraries Channels

Posting Guidelines

  • Person who creates content will get review from one person in our group prior to posting. Research and brainstorm potential hashtags together?
  • If reviewed (NYTimes, award winners), link to review
  • Existing cover art image or photo taken here? Personalized photos could be fun
  • How to get item, location (call #, link, floor#, etc.)
  • If item ( book, periodical) available online, add link
  • Staff profile - interests, favorite movie, favorite book, favorite music
  • After we post to FB, if we want to Tweet, send request with hashtags to Alison
  • Person who posts is responsible for responding to questions and comments (as appropriate
  • Draft text and contents of posts in Working drafts of posts (Login with NetID to Google Drive) with date posted

Primary contact: Christine Turner

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