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Item Record Creation for CAT SEPS, SER ANALS & GIFTS

(Order records aren’t necessary)

1. Search the title in hand in Aleph looking for an already existing record in UM catalog.

2. If you don't find one, look for the appropriate record in OCLC and download it to Aleph. Be sure the bib record doesn't say “Held by AUM” at the top. This means we already have this record in Aleph.

If you find an Aleph record for the title in hand, you have a duplicate book. Leave a note on the gift, indicating that the item is a second copy, asking whether a second copy is wanted for our collection, and leave the item on the “GIFTS NEED SELECTOR DECISION” shelf.If we decide to keep the one in hand, a new item will have to be added to the existing bibliographic record. Use the “duplicate” key in the right side item creation menu.

3. If the OCLC record is a new one, check to see if it is part of a numbered series. If it is, go to ALEPH and search to see if we hold the series title. If we do, and we also hold the volume found on the gift shelf as a Ser Add, leave a note on the gift for a selector, indicating that the item is a second copy, and asking whether a second copy is wanted, and leave the item on the “GIFTS NEED SELECTOR DECISION” shelf. If their answer is “yes,” you will need to give the book to Judy or Sarah.

If the series record is for a Ser Anal, Contin Anal, Cat Sep, or Contin Cat Sep that we collect, but the individual volume title found on the gift shelf does not show up on OCLC as an item the library owns, check to see whether the standing order has been cancelled. If it has been cancelled, process the item and ???? If it has not been cancelled ????

4. If the OCLC record is new, and the title is not part of a series we have or had on Standing Order, export it to Aleph. Then copy the OCLC record number and paste it into the Aleph search screen in Aquisitions mode in Aleph to bring up the bib in Aleph.

4. In Aleph, click on “overview” on the left side of the screen to bring you to cataloging mode.

5. Then click on “items” on the right side of the new screen.

6. Click on “new”.

7. The screen that comes up asks for fields to be filled in In “general information” tab (2), wand in a barcode that you have affixed to the upper left of the cover of the book.

  • Sublibrary = UMDUB or UMSCI (if you know it’s a science book)
  • Collection = UAAA
  • Material type = book (or whatever)
  • Item stat = 01
  • Item processing stat = PC
  • Then hit “UPDATE” or this information won't become permanent.

You can “save as defaults” (button on the right side), if you are doing a group of the same type.

In “general information” tab (3) the statistics field = 03 (cat sep), or 08 (ser anal) or 02 (gift) . Hit UPDATE to make it permanent.

Primary contact: Susan Pease

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