Setup for LOCKSS linking


Proxy Config Entry

LOCKSS Admin Changes

Under Content Control

  • Entered IP address of SFX server into the “allow access” section

Under Content Access Option

  • Checked “Enable Content Server” and added the “public” port 8082

UMass LOCKSS Box IP Special Registration

Some platforms require special registration of our LOCKSS box IP. This has included Atypon and JSTOR. See LOCKSS instructions

SFX Steps

  • Because a file was missing from the correct directory in SFX: Copied get_target_name_LOCKSS.tmpl from /templates/sfxmenu/services to /templates/simplified_template1/services
  • Used the dataloader with the file prepared as below to activate titles
  • Activated target and target service using our usual procedures.
  • Used menu display logic to have target show only if user is coming from OPAC or EJournal List or there is no other fulltext option.

LOCKSS Content Retrieval

  • When email is received in eleres from LOCKSS, login to each site. 001=Journals, 002=gov docs.
  • Journal Configuration > Add AUs > Check “All AUs” > Select AUs. After this runs,
  • Check both boxes to evenly distribute > click Select All > “Add Selected AUs”. May take 15-30 mins. If run times out, let Aaron know.

Preparing a LOCKSS dataloader file for SFX

  • Retrieve a file of LOCKSS collected titles in .csv format from
    • At LOCKSS choose “Title list”, choose “Collected”, “Journals”, “SFX DataLoader”, and “CSV”, click “List Titles”.
    • Save as .txt file and use SFX dataloader. Fields are: ISSN, Activation, Threshold.


  • Retrieve a file of LOCKSS collected titles in .csv format from
    • At LOCKSS choose “Title list”, choose “Collected”, “Journals”, “Titles”, and “CSV”, click “List Titles”.
    • Save, don't open, and move to folder where PERL script lives (which is currently C:apps/open_perl_ide). Rename if desired but keep .csv extension (currently add “sskcol001.library.umass.edu_” to beginning of file name).
  • Open desktop PERL environment shortcut.
  • Paste in script if not saved (if window is blank). As of this writing the script for creating a LOCKSS SFX target dataloader file from the LOCKSS box KBART output is called:
  • Edit displayed script to include name of .csv input file. Edit OUT filename in script also if desired.
  • Click run. Output file should be saved by the script to the directory where the environment resides.
  • Output file is tab delimited text. Open in Excel to add ACTIVE column if needed before using SFX dataloader. DEACTIVATE titles in LOCKSS target before using dataloader to load current title list. Remove rows lacking ISSNs before using dataloader.
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