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Make sure ALEPH is open and not minimized before you begin. Follow the directions provided by the quick wizard screens and click on the underlined items as follows:

• Quick Wizards (icon on left) • Welcome to Macro Express Quick Wizards! Macro • Please Select a Wizard Capture a Macro • Capture a Macro <Next> • Do you wish to capture keystrokes (I chose Yes) • Do you wish to capture the mouse movements and clicks? ( I chose Yes, Screen, Capture all mouse movements) • Do you wish the macro to play back <Choose your speed> NOTE: Use Same speed as recorded if you are opening new windows. The macro may not be able to keep up with speedier processes when the system is slow. Otherwise, experiment with faster speeds. • The following is a list of all of the window titles…. ALEPH (etc.)… NOTE: If ALEPH (etc.) does not display, be sure the ALEPH window is open and not minimized before beginning creation of the macro. • Choose an activation for the macro Hotkey • Select a hotkey from the list below <choose a hotkey> NOTE: The hotkey may be keyed in. • Would you like this macro to Play back in specific programs (Or choose Play back in specific windows if creating a macro that does not switch between windows. Limiting to windows will probably prevent the macro from running wild in the wrong window but I haven’t tested this.) • Play back macro in specific program (or windows) SELECT • Select <CATALOG.EXE> etc. (or in windows choose ALEPH …), ADD, OK • Play back macro in specific programs (or windows) <NEXT> • Macro nickname <Name your macro> <FINISH> • When you are ready to record, press <OK>, do your thing, then press the HOTKEY to stop macro. Every mouse movement, key stroke, and text entry is recorded. • When recording is done, the program returns you to your macro list. (I’m not sure if you need to press Ctrl S to save but I do just in case.) • To test the macro, place your cursor at the starting point and play. Hopefully, VIOLA!

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