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Map Cataloging Resources

Map Cataloging Resources

NACO Geographic Name Official Resources

Frequently Asked Questions on Establishing Geographic Names for NACO (NACO instructions for establishing geographic names and other map information)

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) or GEOnet Names Server (GNS) - Official Source for geographic names (For names in the United States and Its Territories)

Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide (Ref. G1019.R186 Folio) (For names in the United States when the Internet is not available)

GEONames Search (For all other names except Canada and Great Britain)

Any gazetteer published within the last two years (For all other names (except Canada and Great Britain) when the Internet is not available)

For names in Canada, use the form heading provided by the National Library of Canada (NLC) (Canada) NLC source: Geographical Names Board of Canada (Canada)

For names in Great Britain, base the name on the recent edition of Bartholomew Gazetteer of Places in Great Britain [Great Britain]

SACO Information for Geographic Name Subject Headings

Other Geographic/Geologic Resources

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