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Consult LC's MARC21 Standards for the most current standards
OCLC Bib Formats can be used but LC oversees the MARC21 standard


MARC RECORD - Brief list of the most common fields in a bibliographic record

010 LCCN

020 ISBN

022 ISSN

040 Cataloging source

041 Languages in the item

043 Geographic area code

050 LC classification number

090 Local call number, LC-style

099 Local call number, not LC-style

100 Author main entry

110 Corporate main entry

111 Conference main entry

130 Uniform title as a main entry, e.g., Bible

240 Uniform title after 1 xx main entry, e g, Symphony …

245 Title, Subtitle, Statement of responsibility. (The 245 field is taken from the title page (or chief source of info for item).

246 Varying form of title (title for entire work), e.g., a spine title that differs from the t.p. title

250 Edition

260 Place, Publisher, Date

300 Physical description: no. of pages, or vols, or discs, etc., illus, size

490 Series as it appears on the item. If 2nd indicator is 1, then the indexed official form of the series title is in 830

440 Series as it appears on the item and as it is indexed

500 Notes, general

501 “With” note (used for bound-together items)

502 Thesis note

504 Bibliography note (can mention index, too)

505 Contents note

511 Participants note, e.g., performers, speakers at a conference

520 Summary (most often used with AV material and juvenile items)

546 Languages of item, e.g., Text in English and French on inverted pages; In Spanish with English subtitles.

590 Local note that applies to our library only.

600 Subject heading for a person

610 Subject heading for a corporate body

611 Subject heading for a conference name

630 Subject heading for a title

650 Subject heading (topic)

651 Subject heading for a place

655 Genre, e.g., Feature film

690 Local access point (not a real subject)

700 Person as an added entry (access point)

710 Corporate body as an added entry

711 Conference as an added entry

730 Uniform title as an added entry

740 Analytic or related title added entry (For a part of the work, or for a related work mentioned in a note.)

830 Series entry when its official form differs from the form on item

856 URL for online location of the item or a related resource

900-999 Local fields for miscellaneous purposes

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