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Masha Rudman Children's Collection Cataloging and Processing

The Masha Kabakow Rudman Children's Literature Collection consists of two categories of materials: 1) professional literature relating to children’s books; and 2) the children’s books themselves.

Be on the lookout for any pre-published versions of books. Do not catalog pre-published versions. Instead submit a request to Rebecca to have the published version of the book purchased.


For both categories, search the Aleph catalog to determine if UMass already owns a copy of the title being cataloged. If so, catalog as a Departmental Duplicate (D/D) with the appropriate 099, 690 and 710 fields (see below). Then create a separate holdings and item record. (*Note: If there is already a copy in the Rudman collection, do not add a separate copy to the general collection. Add the book to the Better World Books shelf.):

The sublibrary code is UMDUB The collection code – URUD Code the Item Statistic field as 02 for Gift.

If UMass does not already own a copy, search OCLC and download any appropriate record found into Aleph. (If an original record is needed, the book can be passed on to Kay Dion.)

Add any 099, 690 and 710 fields as appropriate (see individual categories below). Then add: 928 AUTHORITY 930 OCLC (unless original record) 910 [cataloger's initials/date]

In the Holdings/Item record: The sublibrary code is UMDUB The collection code is URUD Code the Item Statistic field as 02 for Gift.

Create an item record.

Professional literature

Use LC classification, as well as LC subject headings and standard cataloging. Add a 690 field: 690_ _Rudman Collection |x Professional books. Add as a 710 field: 710 2_ Masha Kabakow Rudman Issues in Children's Literature Collection.

Add the 910, 928 and 930 fields as above.

End processing is standard: label, barcode, plate, target, stamp. Discard any book jackets.

Children’s books

Use Ms. Rudman’s own classification as written on the flyleaf of each book, in an 099 field (local call no.). See Masha Rudman Childrens Collection Codes for instructions on using these codes in the appropriate 099 and 690 fields.

NOTE: If there are two general categories marked on the flyleaf (i.e., GEN and M/F), go with the first category code for the call number. If there is an added copy (paperback or hardcover), use the second category code for the call number. If there are no added copies, add separate 690 fields to the bib record for each category code. If you have any questions about these, please check with Kay Dion.

Add as a 710 field: 710 2_ Masha Kabakow Rudman Issues in Children's Literature Collection. Add the appropriate 910, 928 and 930 fields as above.

Otherwise, catalog as normal for a children’s book (except collection is URUD)

Special Children's authors

There are three specific authors whose works receive a specialized 099 call number format. These authors are Joseph Bruchac, Jacqueline Woodson and Jane Yolen.

In the case of each author, the 099 should read:

[AUTHOR - in CAPS] [Title]

The [title] should be the first one or two words of the title itself. For instance, Yolen's work “Dream Weaver” would get the [title] Dream.

Example: YOLEN Dream

There is no need to insert a special 690 field. Use the appropriate code(s) from the book's flyleaf, as instructed above, for a standard 690 field.

End processing of all children's books: Retain dust jackets, apply barcode over the dust jackets, and place on truck for special processing of the Rudman Collection children’s books. Dust jackets will be wrapped in mylar covers. Otherwise, label, plate, target, and stamp as usual; there are no gift plates.

Periodicals and serials

All periodicals and serials will be cataloged as Professional literature (see above). Catalog as appropriate, and create an LHR (local holdings record) in Connexion. There is no need to enter 930_ _OCLC, as the holdings are automatically updated by the addition of an LHR.

Sublibrary/Collection code for both serials and periodicals is UMDUB/URUD (not UMDUB/UPER for periodicals). Item status for both serials and periodicals is 01 (not 11 for periodicals). Material type is ISSBD (remember to enter the Arrival date for the items). Item Statistic is 02 (gift). DO NOT add $m Per to the call number for periodicals.


  1. Rudman periodicals should not be sent to the bindery, unless they are flimsy.
  2. DO NOT bundle issues together which contain gaps, although more than one bundle under one title may be sent to the bindery.
  3. Be sure that the binder is instructed to print RUDMAN on the spine above the call number, the way SCIENCE is printed on the spine for SEL periodicals.

Primary Contact: Gary Hough

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