Masha Rudman Children's Collection Hierarchical Codes

This table is a variation on that found in the wiki page Masha Rudman Childrens Collection Codes. In this particular case, the table lists the major categories plus the subcategories associated with each. See the wiki page above for precise use of these codes in cataloging.%r

NOTE: Use the word 'and' in place of ampersands when cataloging.

Category Code Category Name SubCategory Code SubCategory Name
 AB  Abuse   bu  Bullying
     self  Self-abuse
     sub  Substance Abuse & Addiction
     sxab  Sexual Abuse
 ADO  Adoption & Foster Care  fc  Foster Care
     ia  International Adoption
 AG  Aging  ae  Active Elders
     gr  Grandparents
 BIL  Bilingual  sp  Spanish
BIO Biography none none
 CO  Controversial Books  none  none
COL Columbus none none
 CS  Classics  none  none
 DEA  Death  none  none
 DIV  Divorce  none  none
 EAR  Our Green & Threatened Earth  end  Endangered Species
     clch  Climate Change
     ndis  Natural Disasters
     spex  Space Exploration
 FA  Family  ad  adolescence
 GEN  Gender  men  men & boys
 H (was HE)  Heritage   See sub-chart below  
 HAI  Hair    
 MF  Myths, Fantasy & Folklore  cin  Cinderella
     ft  Fools and Tricksters
 OPP  Oppression & Resistance  apa  Apartheid
     hol  Holocaust
     ind  Treatment of Indigenous Peoples
     jpin  Japanese Internment
     slv  Slavery
 PL  Plays  none  none
 PMP  Post-Modern Picture Books  none  none
 PO  Poetry  none  none
 PRO  Professional Books  none  none
 SEX  Sexuality  se  Sex Education
     so  Sexual Orientation
 SIB  Siblings  sr  Sibling Rivalry
     tw  Twins
 SOC  Socioeconomic Class  im  Immigrants
     pov  Poverty
     wea  Wealth
 SPEC  Special Needs  dis  Serious Disease
     emo  Emotional & Psychological Challenges
     gif  Gifted
     lrng  Learning Styles
     neur  Neurological Conditions
     phys  Physical Conditions
 WAR  War & Peace, Conflict & Resolution  civ  American Civil War
    conf Conflict & Resolution
     cont  Contemporary Wars
     ko  Korean War
     pce  Peace
     refu  Refugees
     rev  Revolutionary War
     rrel  Race Relations
     vw (formerly viet)  Vietnam War
     wwi  World War I
     wwii  World War II
Sub-Table for the Heritage Codes
NOTE: Use the following format as an example:
099 field: H na af a [author]
690 field: Heritage, North America -- African American
H (was HE) Heritage    
  Heritage, Africa   Shows as H af
    cm Cameroon
    eg Egypt
    eth Ethopia
    gh Ghana
    li Liberia
    ma mali
    ni Nigeria
    saf South Africa
    sl Sierra Leone
    su Sudan
    ta Tanzania
  Heritage, Asia   Shows as H as
    cam Cambodia
    ch China
    in India
    ja Japan
    ko Korea
    ti Tibet
    vi Vietnam
  Heritage, Australia (aus) Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
  Heritage, Europe   Shows as eu
    fr France
    gb Great Britain
    ge Germany
    ir Ireland
    it Italy
    neth Netherlands
    ru Russia
    sco Scotland
    spn Spain
    sw Sweden
  Heritage, Middle East   Shows as H me
  Heritage, North America   Shows as H na
    af a African American
    as a Asian American
    ca Central America
    cb Caribbean Islands
    cn Canada
    eu a European American
    la a Latino American
    mex Mexico
    nat Native American
    pr Puerto Rico
  Heritage, North America |z United States   Shows as H na us
    cj Cajun
    hist History
  Heritage, Religion   Shows as H re
    chr Christianity
    isl Islam
    ju Judaism
  Heritage, South America   Shows as H sa

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