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Policy for Missing and Lost Serials and Bound Periodicals

Discard duplicate copies of serials/bound periodicals unless there is a compelling reason to retain them.

If a serial issue or a bound volume of a periodical is found to be missing, it will be searched three times by Circulation and then, if not found, will be withdrawn. The holdings record in Aleph and the local holdings record in Connexion will be updated to reflect the withdrawal. If the entire run of the periodical or serial is withdrawn, the bib record in Aleph will be suppressed, the local holdings record will be deleted, and our holdings symbol removed from the OCLC bib record.

Procedures for Missing and Lost Serials and Bound Periodicals

The two usual ways for finding that serial issues and volumes of bound periodicals are missing are: by linking the title (because it is going to the Five College Depository or the floor is being linked) and by being noticed by a patron or Reference that a volume is missing.

If a serial issue or a bound periodical volume is found to be missing code the item processing status SF (first search). This will initiate a search by stacks management. If the item is not found after three searches conducted over the period of at least one year, stacks management will notify us to withdraw the item.

When the item is withdrawn, update the holdings record to remove the withdrawn volume and suppress its item record. If the entire run of a bound periodical is withdrawn suppress the bibliographic record in Aleph and delete the local holdings record in Connexion and remove our holdings symbol from the bib record. The holdings symbol can be removed from the bib record at the same time the local holdings record is deleted.

In the past when a bound periodical volume was found to be missing, we added a note to the holdings record. This is no longer necessary.

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