NASA Special Publications (NASA SPs)

NASA SPs are NASA publications received through the Government Depository program and sent directly to the Science and Engineering Library. They are given directly to the Science Cataloger. Before 2014, all were assigned a non LC classification number: NASA SP; [number]. Before 2010, all were shelved in a special location in SEL.

In 2010, all NASA SPs were sent to the Five College Depository to free space in SEL for renovations and stack shifting. After the transfer, all newly received NASA SPs were cataloged directly to the Five College Depository (NOT the Science and Engineering Library). This was because there was no place to shelve them in SEL.

As of 2014, Library of Congress began classifying NASA SPs with LC classification numbers, and no longer used the NASA SP; [number] scheme. LC now captures the NASA SP information as a quoted 500 note.

As a result of this change, the Library's NASA SPs will be assigned an LC classification number and be cataloged to SEL.

Any NASA SPs you encounter should still be given to the Science Cataloger or Science Cataloging Assistant.

[Updated 02/20/2015 cls]

Primary contact: Cindy Spell

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