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Cataloging OCA materials:

Completed picklists are located at W:\Open Content Alliance\Pick lists\Completed picklists. Create a separate record for the electronic version of the resource by copying the record for the print version of the resource. Download the record from ALEPH, and save it in the local save file (T:\oclcapps\Connexion\OCA_080108.bib.db) on Connexion. Then add the following to the new record:

1. 006 (additional characteristics fixed field) for computer files/electronic resources byte 00 = m and byte 09 = d [be careful that field does not contain carets]

2. 007 (physical description fixed field) for electronic resource byte 00 = c; byte 01 = r; byte 03 = u; byte 04 = u; byte 05 = u. [Note: byte 2 is not used, should be blank space]

3. 008 (fixed field) byte 23 = s

4. Leader byte 17 (Encoding Level) = M

5. 245 subfield h = [electronic resource]

6. 533 for reproduction note: |a Electronic reproduction. |b Boston, Mass. |b San Francisco, Calif. : |c Open Content Alliance. |d 2008. |n Scanned as part of the Boston Library Consortium OCA Digitization Project by the UMass Amherst Libraries. |n Available in DJVU [or DjVu?], PDF, black&white PDF, Flipbook, and .txt formats.

7. 538 field: Mode of access: World Wide Web, through the Internet Archive website.

8. 500 field: Open access version available online through the UMass Amherst Open Content Alliance.

9. 690 local subject heading – Open Content Alliance Digitization Project.

10. 7102 author added entry – Open Content Alliance.

11. 7102 author added entry – Internet Archive (Firm)

12. 7102 author added entry – Boston Library Consortium OCA Digitization Project.

13. 7761 |c Original |w (OCoLC)

14. Delete fields: 010, 050, 090, 035, 910, 928, 930

15. Add 910 field: OCA

Item record: 1. Code the material type for ebook or ejournal

2. Item status: 04 Internet

3. Add new Item Statistic field = OCA Scan

Holdings record: 1. 852 generic UWW location

2. 856 for URLs with a subfield 3 note with volume information for serials or multi-volume titles (ex. v.1:), and a subfield z with the note “Connect to this title”

Test whether you can add a 949 for local information in records and add the records to OCLC without losing the local data. Load as M level records.

Record for Print version: 1. Add a 530 note: “Also available online through the UMass Amherst Open Content Alliance Digitization Project.”

* Note about serials: If a serial title has too many URLs (#?) to reasonably add to the holdings record, a cataloger (MB) will add separate item records for each volume or issue with URLs and volume/issue information. In these cases, a public note will be put in the Holdings record, saying “See below to link to individual volumes.”

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