Order Supplies for IRM

1. Go to Staff Intranet home page.

2. Left column.

3. Click on online forms.

4. Select Equipment and Supplies.

5. Scroll down and select IRM/ILS Supply Request. Proceed to fill out supply request form. When supply request form is complete. Click on submit. The form will automatically go to the staff member designated to approve supply requests for the department.

There is also an in-house Library Supply request form. Some of our supplies ie. Security Strips and Letterhead are located in a supply room in the basement. This is not an online form. To use this order form repeat steps 1-4. Scroll down to and click on Business Office Supply Request with the paper clip. Click on Open. Click on Allow. Print out the form and fill out, highlighting the items ordered and deliver to the designated staff member authorized to approve and sign. Once the form is approved and signed, it can be sent to the Library Business Office. Presently Sheryl Crowe fills the in-house supply orders.

Suggested vendors: DVD Cases and CD Jewel Cases and other library supplies use Gaylord, Brodart, or Demco. Use Connection for toner cartridges for the color printer. For regular office supplies, use the current library contracted vendor.

Luke Doubleday has been the contact person for spine labels for the zebra printer through Computype. Just contact him and ask for kits for the zebra printer. Kits consist of rolls of labels, ribbons and cleaning pens. Usually 5 kits at a time are ordered

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