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UMass Libraries is a Patent and Trademark Depository Library.

For a description of the program and supporting collection see the Library's Patents and Trademarks subject page:

Most of the collection supporting the program is already cataloged. The most critical materials are (and should be) cataloged to Reference Collection at the Science and Engineering Library (SEL). Paulina Borrego is the Library's patents and trademark specialist. Other materials of a general nature are cataloged to the W.E.B. Du Bois Library.

Paulina Borrego receives all new patent and trademark materials, and determines which should be cataloged and added to the Library's collection. She then gives them to Cindy Spell to catalog.

Any patent and trademark materials not received directly by Paulina Borrego should be sent to her at SEL for review. Check with her also to determine whether items should be cataloged to SEL Reference or to SEL/Du Bois general collections.

Most patent and trademark materials have the classification number: T223 or KF3100+ if they deal with legal aspects.

Patent and Trademarks on CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMS:

The Library has full text access to all patents and trademarks through microfilm (many), cd-rom/dvd-rom (all), and online (almost all). The microfilm and cd-rom/dvd-rom versions are in Du Bois Basement Storage. SEL dvd-rom accession numbers were used only for those full text patents and trademarks in Basement Storage.

SEL now wants one accession number scheme for all cd-roms and dvd-roms. That is the cd-rom (not dvd-rom) scheme. So, be sure to use cd-rom numbers for both cd-rom and dvd-rom patents and trademark titles.

Contact person: Cindy Spell

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