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Perpetual Access Procedures & Codes

UMass policy for tracking and maintaining perpetual access is as follows (as of 10/24/18):

  • Cancellations of individual subscriptions: Do not set up PA. A cancelled publication is not deemed critical to support academic work at UMass.
  • Transferred titles from package ejournals: Do not set up PA access EXCEPT for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier. Elsevier and Springer autoload maintains these titles in SFX, although Springer is still being tested and backup targets are being maintained (1/2019). A Wiley autoload request has been sent to ExLibris.
  • Individual subscriptions: Mostly we are not retaining PA access but if publisher is known to retain PA, exceptions can be made. Many publishers are not reliably retaining PA access long-term (e.g. Sage, OVID, Cambridge), and the volume of titles migrating between publishers is increasing.
  • Aleph PA records. A cleanup project was completed by a student in 1/2019. If PA access was not available in SFX, order records were changes from PA to CLS. PA order records are not being added to Aleph anymore.

Perpetual access process

  • SFX maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles.
    • Elsevier uses autoload which includes all perpetual access content.
    • Springer uses autoload which includes all perpetual access content, although other targets are being maintained until testing is completed (1/2019).
    • Wiley uses 2010 FULL COLLECTION, DATABASE MODEL (previous years), or WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY JOURNALS targets for PA. Change the SFX date threshold and add an Internal Description note in the format “PA to (dates of access).” Internal notes are now exportable.
  • EDS maintenance of PA for Springer, Wiley and Elsevier titles.
    • Springer and Wiley are paid to EBSCO so PA should be maintained by EBSCO.
    • Elsevier is maintained in HLM by uploading the SFX Elsevier autoload regularly, which should maintain PA.

Primary contact: Catherine Knapp

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