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Platform Changes

Publishers of electronic journals, books, databases, etc. may use a third party service provider to host their content. Examples of platform service providers include Atypon, Highwire, Scitation and Silverchair.

Periodically, publishers move their content from one platform to another, and this migration usually triggers a number of adjustments that we, the subscriber, need to make to continue providing access to our subscribed content to our users. These changes may include:

  • a different EZProxy configuration stanza,
  • a new link resolver or discovery service collection,
  • a new administrative account, etc.

To submit a new publisher platform changes, see our eResource Platform and URL Changes form. Anyone at UMass with this link can submit.

  • Jack will take care of the Discovery Systems
  • He will also let Research Services and the UMass Batch Loading Team if their work will be affected by the change.

Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney

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