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Rand Corporation Serials Linking Instructions

BACKGROUND The Library accepted as free gifts 3 Rand Corporation serial titles in 1979/1980. Rand note and Rand paper were both cataloged as ser adds, were never bound, and are not linked. R (Rand Corporation) was cataloged as a ser anal, never bound, and is already linked.

Each title has very large holdings (several thousand). Each title was given a very brief holdings statement as it was too complex to capture and present meaningfully to users. Example: 866 41 P-1138+ with gaps. Holdings Not Recorded.

Rand paper and Rand notes were left unlinked because of its size and in hopes that the Library would acquire an ILS system in the future that could display the holdings in a way that was not confusing.

I recommend leaving the holdings as is, even when the title is transferred to the new Depository Annex (which is should be as a virtually non circulating collection). Other title in the FCD have holdings recorded in similar fashion.


Rand Corporation [Paper] AS36.R28 P-1138+ with gaps. Holdings Not Recorded.

Rand Corporation [Note] AS36.R29 P-1138+ with gaps. Holdings Not Recorded.

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