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RDA vs. AACR2 Basic Differences

Some general differences to be aware of include:

  • RDA records will have always an 040 $e rda
  • Capitalization of the title may differ in RDA records – will usually (but not always) match the capitalization on the piece.
  • There won’t be a GMD like $h [videorecording] in RDA records.
  • RDA records will have edition spelled out in full – so instead of 3rd rev. ed. it will be Third revised edition.
  • RDA records won't have Latin abbreviations For example:

In AACR2 260 $a [S.l. : $b s.n.], $c 2009.

In RDA: 260 $a [Place of publication not identified] : $b [publisher not identified], $c 2009.

  • RDA records may also have a 264 field for Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice
  • RDA: Will not have abbreviations for the most part ca. becomes approximately; ill. becomes illustrations; col. will be color, etc. Exceptions: cm for centimeter and min. for minutes – these abbreviations are still used in RDA
  • There will be 3 new MARC fields in RDA:

RDA: 336, 337, & 338: Content, media, and carrier type

Content type – MARC 336 field

Media type – MARC 337 field

Carrier type – MARC 338 field

Book example:

336 $a text $2 rdacontent

337 $a unmediated $2 rdamedia

338 $a volume $2 rdacarrier

DVD example:

336 $a two-dimensional moving image $2 rdacontent

337 $a video $2 rdamedia

338 $a videodisc $2 rdacarrier

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