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Renaissance Center Cataloging


1. Log on to Aleph with Renaissance Center user name and password. See Mike Allard.

2. Check Browse search under title to see if added copy.


1. Log on to OCLC with RenCen authorization and password. It will greet you with “Hello Greg”

2. Go to tools then option then export and change to RenCen. See Mike Allard for settings.

3. Search for correct bibliographic record. Authorize all headings. Expo correct record to ALEPH. After expo copy new FCL01 bib number.


1. Paste new FCL01 bib number into upper left hand search box and enter.

2. Catalog record. Will need to add 910,928, and 930 fields. Save to server.

3. Go to items. Create new item record. Set up item record.


Collection=RCGEN or appropriate collection

Material type=Book or appropriate type

Item status=02

Click on save defaults, then add new barcode number.

4. Go to HOL links. Create new, edit, check holding record. Save to server.

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