Resources for Student Supervisors

All the documents you need are on Libwire (Student Information Sheets, Evaluations, handbooks, etc)

So you want to hire a student...

  1. Discuss with your supervisor! They will need to take your request for a student to the IRM leadership team. The team will look at our budget to determine if we can accommodate your request for the fiscal year. Students can be added at an time of the year if funding will accommodate the adding of the position.
    1. Things to include in your request:
      1. Estimate of hours per week to be worked by student.
      2. Job description (see the example job descriptions below).
      3. Short explanation regarding how your work will benefit from having a student employee.
      4. Whom will be the supervisor of the student employee, if not yourself.
        1. If not yourself, make sure you have gained consent by the person who will be supervising the new student.
  2. Once the position has been approved, the job description needs to be submitted to
    1. If you have any screening questions you wish to add, send them in with the job description (I.E. Describe any experience you have with data entry.)
  3. Library HR will contact you (Your supervisor? The person who sent in the JD??) with prospective students, their applications, and their contact information.
    1. Develop 3-5 interview questions. Contact the prospective students and set up interviews. Invite IRM staff to accompany you in the interviews if you deem it necessary.
    2. Make a decision on whom to hire and communicate this to
    3. Library HR will assist you and the student to get onto the payroll. MORE INFORMATION NEEDED HERE I THINK
    4. Set a start date with the student and a work schedule.
    5. Ensure the paperwork has been signed and completed
    6. Ensure that the library orientation moodle course has been completed. Receive the certification from the student and email a copy to

Student Employee IRM Orientation

  • LINK to tour checklist
  • LINK to student employee IRM policies (will we have any across the dept?)
  • What else do we want to include as a part of our general orientation?

Returning Student Employees

  1. Student Supervisors should fill out and submit the Student Information Sheet at the beginning of each semester. Library HR can start entering the student into the system so that they get paid as soon as they start working.
  2. On the first day back, instruct the student to go to the 4th floor and sign the Student Information Sheet that you turned in. This will complete the payroll process.


Every Spring semester student supervisors are required to submit an evaluation of their student employees. This evaluation aids in pay raises and promotions. The Evaluation form is on libwire:

Library HR may contact the student supervisor directly to remind them about the evaluation submission.

Student Employee Manuals

Q: Does it make sense for all the manuals to be together? Then we can see if someone already has a process, or we can learn from how others write instructions. I am not committed to this I am wondering your opinions.


  • LINKS to manuals
  • LINKS to instructions


  • LINKS to manuals
  • LINKS to instructions


  • LINKS to manuals
  • LINKS to instructions

Student Job Descriptions

Interview Questions used in the past

Training for Student Supervisors

  • WLD has regularly offered trainings that are relevant:
    • how to have difficult conversations
    • how to give feedback
    • how to write evaluations
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