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Routing Notes for New Books

Cat to Ref : This order will be given the code of “URF” in the “Collection” field in its item record.

Show Ref - This order will be put on the Ref Consideration shelves upon receipt.

Cat to Ref latest vol. - This item will be cat to Ref. The earlier edition already in Reference will be sent to the stacks.

De-Ref earlier vol. - This note is not necessary and is covered under “Ref latest vol.”

Notify - This note is put on orders when selectors feel a Professor might want to be notified about the receipt of a book in their subject area. When the item is received, notice is sent to the professor via email, at which point they can put a hold on the item if they so choose. When using this note, please use the patron's complete name and department or address.

Hold for - This note is used for professors, staff, and students who have requested an item. These materials receive rush treatment. When using this note, please give complete full name, e-mail, and address.

Primary contact: Susan Pease

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