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RUSH cataloging and processing workflow

If an item cannot be cataloged quickly by Susan (or Linda Fish as backup) or Linda Merritt. it will be sent directly to the patron with a barcode and then returned to IRM for cataloging and end processing when it is checked back in.

EXCEPTION: We will NOT use this new workflow for items that are going on reserve, because they are shelved in call number order and they may be on the reserve shelf for up to a year. We don't want to wait that long to get them cataloged, so we will take care of cataloging reserve material as soon as it is received like we always did in the past.

The procedures are as follows:

• Make sure the book or DVD has a barcode on it and that the barcode is in the item record.

*Any other end processing (e.g. call number label, security targets, stamps, stickers, etc.) will be done after the book is cataloged.

• Check item records to make sure the sublibrary and collection codes are correct for the material type:


Sublibrary: UMDUB or UMSCI

Collection: UGEN

Material type: BOOK

Item Status: 01


Sublibrary: UMDUB

Collection: UMDVD

Material type: VDVD

Item Status: 06

• Change the item process status from PC to blank

• For a book add a note in the Circ Note field in the item record: “Please bring to Susan Pease in the IRM Department upon return.” For a DVD the note should say “Please bring to Linda Merritt in the IRM Department upon return.”

• Put book on the RUSH pickup bookshelf

*When they are very busy, Susan or the Lindas may also send books directly to patrons without cataloging them and have them returned for cataloging when they are checked back in.

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