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Cataloging SCUA Cookbook Collections

Received from SCUA along with a sheet of labels and archival bookmarks

Search title of each cookbook on OCLC for copy. If none is found, create a new record.


043 Geographical code - use if country is present in a subject heading field

099 SCUA-supplied call number (ie., ǂa BMC ǂa 4700)

100 1_ If individual author is present

245 10 Title ǂb subtitle / ǂc statement of responsibility

246 3_ Alternative title if required (i.e., One hundred vs. 100)

250 Edition, if specified

264 _1 Place of publication ǂb Publisher ǂc Date

336 text ǂb txt ǂ2 rdacontent

337 unmediated ǂb n ǂ2 rdamedia

338 volume ǂb nc ǂ2 rdacarrier

500 Notes (i.e., Title from cover), (“Compiled by Episcopal church women”–Page 4“), (Promotional cookbook featuring [Cool Whip].)

590 SCUA note (i.e., UMass Amherst Special Collections copy shelved as part of the Beatrice A. McIntosh Cookery Collection (MS 395).)

650 _0 Subject heading(s) - see below

655 _7 Genre (Cookbooks, Recipes, Community Cookbooks) ǂ2 lcgft

710 2_ (Corporate body responsible) ǂe issuing body.

793 0_ SCUA note (i.e., Beatrice A. Mcintosh Cookery Collection. ǂ5 MU)


It is helpful to create a cataloging template in Connexion to speed the process. In Connexion, go to Cataloging → Create → Constant Data. Workform type: Books. In the Fixed Field input Elvl I, Lang eng, Ctry (blank), Desc i, DtSt s, Dates (blank). Add and/or fill out the bib record following fields: 099__ (whatever call number is assigned by SCUA, such as BMC |a ) the 3xx RDA fields, tje 590 SCUA note, the 655 Genre fields, the 793 note. Change the 260 field to the RDA-compilant 264 _1 field. When done, hit F4 (Save) and in the pop-up window, give the template a name such as SCUA Cookbooks. Check the Default box. In the future, hit Ctrl-F8 then Ctrl-F10 to bring up a copy of the template. If you want to make any permanent changes, go to Cataloging → Show → Default Local Constant Data. *NOTE*: If you have more than one template, go to Cataloging → Search → Local Constant Data.

Most frequently used Subject Headings

Cooking, American (for general works around the U.S.)

Cooking, American [ǂx [style]]

  • ǂx California style
  • ǂx Louisiana style
  • ǂx Midwestern style
  • ǂx New England style
  • ǂx Pacific Northwest style
  • ǂx Southern style
  • ǂx Southwestern style
  • ǂx Western style

Cooking, Cajun [ǂx [style]]

Cooking, Canadian [ǂx [style]]

Cooking, Chinese [ǂx [style]]

Cooking, Creole [ǂx [style]]

Cooking, English [ǂx [style]]

Cooking, French [ǂx [style]]

Cooking, German [ǂx [style]]

Cooking, Italian [ǂx [style]]

Cooking, Spanish [ǂx [style]]

Cooking ǂv Juvenile literature

Cooking (Dairy) or (Meat) or (Seafood) etc

Cooking [State] ǂz [Town] (especially wanted for community cookbooks)

Community cookbooks [State] ǂz [Town]

International cooking

Cold dishes (Cooking) and/or Frozen foods and/or Molded dishes (Cooking)

Cake decorating and/or Icings, Cake and/or Cake

Canning and preserving and/or Food ǂx Preservation and/or Frozen foods

Oils and fats, Edible and/or Lard and/or Mayonnaise

Cooking (Oils) and/or Cooking (Olive Oil) and/or Vegetable oils

Food mixes and/or Cakes

Refrigerators [or other appliances] ǂv Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Kitchen appliances and/or Blenders (Cooking) and/or Mixers (Kitchen appliances)

Salads and/or Molded dishes and/or Cold dishes (Cooking)

World War, 1939-1945 ǂx Food supply ǂz United States (for food rationing) and/or Food conservation

*HINT*: To see what is an appropriate Subject Heading in our catalog, search under “Subject Headings Beginning With” (i.e., Cooking, Cajun will bring up Cooking, Cajun and Cooking, Cajun–Louisiana style. Likewise, searching Cooking, California will bring up Cooking, American–California style as well as Cooking, California.)

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