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Procedure for Gifts Accepted at SEL

draft 03/01/16

Receiving a Gift at SEL

Sometimes science related gift material is brought directly to SEL by a donor.

When this happens, SEL staff have a donor checklist that the donor fills out indicating:

If the book should be returned if it is a duplicate to the collection, of if the library subject specialist determines it does not fit within our collection development policy (Yes or no)

If they would like a gift plate (Yes or no) How they would like their name and UMass affiliation to be listed

If they want an acknowledgement letter to be sent to their home address (Yes or no) Provide address.

When a Gift is Accepted at SEL:

The library subject specialist will evaluate the general condition of the material and whether it fits within our collection policy and general program needs on campus.

The material will then be passed on to the staff member at SEL in charge of gift processing, will see that the gift is searched in ALEPH and make the determination whether it should be kept or not. Uniqueness to the Five Colleges is a prime criteria. Additional copies to the Five Colleges or UMass Libraries will kept the material is high use, as evidenced by circulation.

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