Separate record policy for free electronic resources

When cataloging a print item that has a free electronic version listed in some way on the print bib, find a record for the electronic version on OCLC (or in SFX for serials) and export it to Aleph.

If there is no free electronic version indicated on the print bib it is not necessary to search for one.

This applies to all materials cataloged - serials, gov docs, monos, FastCat, Promptcat, etc.


For serials check SFX first to see if a MARCIt record is available

For monos, find a record on OCLC

Check record according to FastCat principles

Also make sure to check:

That form in the fixed fields is coded with either an ‘o’ or an ‘s’

There is a 245 $h [electronic resource]

Export record to Aleph

Bring up record in Aleph

Delete all 856 fields from the bib

Add 910

Make sure OCLC holdings are set on record in Connexion

Add item and holdings records:

First add item record

No barcode (obviously)

Sublibrary: UMDUB

Collection: UWWW

Material type: Choose ebook, ejournal, online database, or website whichever seems to fit the best – most of these will probably be ebooks or ejournals

Item status: 04 Internet

Then add holdings record:

Delete subfields with call number

Cut and paste URL into an 856 field with indicators 40 and subfield u

Create a subfield z, then add this text: Connect to this title

For more information, there are instructions for cataloging free internet resources on the wiki at:

Count stats for electronic resources on the “Statistics Sheet for Media and E-Resources.”

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