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Serials Continuations Definitions

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Broad definition of what types of serials and continuations used by this Library:

Periodical (ALEPH term - Per, appears in call no.)

A serial publication, published more than once per year, articles by several authors. To be published, as with serials below, until it ceases, etc. (includes newspapers).

Serial ( ALEPH term - Ser Add) Intended to be published indefinitely into the future until it ceases publication, is merged with another title, or title changes.

Analyzed Serials (ALEPH term - Ser Anal) Intended to by published into the future; assigned one call number, but usually each volume deals with one topic and warrants an author/title entry in the OPAC. All volumes sit together on shelf.

Continuation (ALEPH term - Contin A/V) Published in volumes, but with a definite cessation point in mind, e.g., a 20-volume encyclopedia. Sometimes all volumes are published at once, in which case we would order all 20 (Monographic Section) and it would not be treated as a continuation. However, if the volumes were published one at a time, we would set up an Innopac checkin record and check in each volumes it is received. Example: Complete works of John Milton

Analyzed Continuation (ALEPH term - Contin Anal) Intended to be published in a certain number of volumes like an ordinary continuation, and is assigned one classification number for all volumes; however, each work is a monograph within itself and has individual author/title entries in the OPAC.

Cataloged Separately (ALEPH term - Cat Sep) These are numbered monographs in series (excluding publisher's series which we do not place on standing order). Innopac contains this type of publication to maintain control over receipt, and also to save us from placing separate orders for them. (NOTE: If a series becomes unnumbered, we cancel the standing order.)

Continuation Cataloged Separately (ALEPH term - Contin Cat Sep) Intended to be published in a specific number of volumes, like an ordinary continuation. However, each work is a monograph within itself and has individual author/title entry in the OPAC. The volumes are assigned their own call numbers.

Memberships/blanket orders Several of these are payment records only, with an indication on the checkin record of what is received on the membership or blanket order. If it is a blanket order, we usually enter the monographs received under title and send them through as “cat seps”.

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For further definitions see: Glossary of IRM Terms

Primary contact: Lucy deGozzaldi.

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