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Serials: Ser Anals (Transfer and Cataloging)

There are many ser anal* titles which are bound together that have never been retrospectively converted and linked, or have only been partially converted and linked.

Consult with Lucy deGozzaldi when a ser anal titles needs to be transferred or cataloged.

Lucy will do the following:

1. Leave all analink mono records on the system. She will not attempt to link the mono records to the correct ser add records or delete them.

2. She will link items records for each volume to the correct ser add record, when the title is to be transferred to the Repository. Otherwise, she will only link on demand.

3. If there is no ser add record, she will find and download (overlay) one from OCLC with local holdings on it, if the record exists.

4. Any ser anals going to the Repository will have the Repository OWN code and ownership symbol in OCLC. Lucy will change those codes on any separate monographic records and the serial record.

5. Any ser anals staying at UMass will have the following note in the HOLD record:

590 “If transferred give to Lucy deGozzaldi to change own codes on monographic records.”

*Ser anals, or analyzed serials, are intended to be published indefinitely; assigned one call number, but usually each volume deals with one topic and warrants an author/title entry in the online catalog. All volumes sit together on shelf. Problems arise when ser anals are bound together. We sometimes refer to bound together ser anals as: AnaLinks. This document addresses linking, cataloging and transferproblems with AnaLinks, not ser anals that are not bound together.

Primary contact: Lucy deGozzaldi.

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