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Special Added Volume Sequences

Flora of East Tropical Africa

UM SCIENCE QK 401 .F55 Volume numbers for this work are based on the Bentham and Hooker sequence used in the Kew Herbarium. The UMass library assigns numbering for volumes 189-on.

Acanthaeceae 118 pt. B Yes
Actiniopteridaceae 202 Yes
Adiantaceae 208 Yes
Aizoaceae 84 Yes
Alangiaceae 87 Yes
Alismataceae 181 Yes
Alliaceae 211 Yes
Amaranthaceae 125 Yes
Amaryllidaceae 163 Yes
Anacardiaceae 54 Yes
Ancistrocladaceae 26A Yes
Annonaceae 3 Yes
Anthericaceae 192 Yes
Apocynaceae (Pt. 1) v. 104A Yes
Aponogetonaceae 183 Yes
Aquifoliaceae 48 Yes
Araceae 179 Yes
Aristolochiaceae 134 Yes
Asparagaceae 216 Yes
Asphodelaceae 209 Yes
Azollaceae 195 Yes
Balanitaceae 39B Yes
Balanophoraceae 144 Yes
Balsaminaceae 37 Yes
Basellaceae 127 Yes
Berberidaceae 5 Yes
Blechnaceae 217 Yes
Bombacaceae 28 Yes
Boraginaceae 109 Yes
Brexiaceae 49A Yes
Burmanniaceae 155 Yes
Burseraceae 41 Yes
Butomaceae 181A Yes
Cactaceae 82 Yes
Callitrichaceae 66 Yes
Campanulaceae 95 Yes
Canellaceae 13 Yes
Cannabaceae 147A Yes
Capparidaceae 10 Yes
Caprifoliaceae 89 Yes
Caricaceae 79 Yes
Caryophyllaceae 19 Yes
Casuarinaceae 151 Yes

Primary contact: Kay Dion

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