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E-Resource Trial Setup and Take down Procedures


  • Add record to CORAL with trial dates.
  • If request comes from selector, contact vendor with request for pricing and trial with IP authentication. Provide network IP addresses if new vendor.
  • With trial set up notification from vendor, enter proxy configuration stanza if necessary. Restart proxy.
  • Create feedback form using eleres Google apps (copying existing form and changing pertinent information generally works). Response form should be automatically generated. Edit title of this form to add trial end date.
  • Send trial url to Christine Turner, or Ian Walls with link to feedback form, request to add proxy, trial end date, pricing and name of trial requestor. CC the person who requested the trial with a link to the feedback responses form.

Take down

  • From eleres Google drive, add trial end date to title of Feedback (Responses) and delete input form. Move feedback responses to Completed Trials folder.
  • Upon trial completion, remove trial from database trials listing.
  • Notify selector of trial completion. If feedback was received to form, include url for selector, asking selector to notify Christine Turner if s/he wants it to go on the Desiderata list.
  • Remove configuration stanza from proxy config file.

Primary contact: Christine Turner

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