Usage Statistics for E-Resources - Reporting Procedure Notes

Please forward all correspondence and data files regarding e-resource use statistics to Nancy Washburn.

  • Working files for this project are located at: S (coll_management):\Acquisitions\ER Usage Statistics.
  • Background for the e-resource use data collection project is described in Usage Statistics for Electronic Resource - A Rationale for Collecting Data, UMass Amherst Libraries which provides an overview of the project, reasons why we collect data, and what data we collect.
  • Data files downloaded from vendor/host sites are stored in sub-folders by fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), e.g. “2005-2006 Vendor Stats”, “2006-2007 Vendor Stats”.
  • Within the “dbs-annuals” subfolder, “DBUse_FY200x.xls” has a worksheet with the COUNTER data. Data for fiscal years 2006-2011 is posted to LibWire under Divisions & Departments/Acquisitions/E-Resource Use Statistics.
  • E-book usage data is not systematically collected at this time. However, logins to get the data are available in the Accounts section of the Organizations record for the platform in CORAL.
  • E-Journal usage data, COUNTER JR1 reports, are collected annually.

Primary contact: Christine Turner

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