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Wiki Documentation Master List

Note: this is a very rough list, and a working document. Please feel free to add, re-order or otherwise organize this list. If you delete something, please be sure you've done so either because the content has been covered elsewhere, or because it's been added to the wiki as a working file.

Another note: the intent is that each item listed with also note who is responsible for creating/managing it, it's readiness, and it's priority.

Receiving Manual (45 documents) – J. Rohan

Checking-in Manual (26 documents) – J. Rohan

Ordering Manual (11 documents) – J. Rohan

Invoicing (2 documents) – J. Rohan, J. Bagjier, H. Deirdre

Bindery Manual – G. Hough

Preservation and book repair documentation – L. James

Water Disaster Manual – L. James

Student supervision documentation, Kronos, attendance – Link to Libwire

Verde Project Plan and Implementation Notes - C. Turner

Aleph order groups (.xls from LHButton, 3/12/08) - S. Stangroom

Notes on Selector Credits, Desiderata List – C. Turner

Writing Center

Davis Collection

Reserves materials

Call number info

Marc bib record info

Video cataloging and processing

Microforms cataloging and processing

Music materials: cataloging, end processing

Gifts and gift plates

Added copies

Added volumes

Transfers (De-Refs, etc.)


Bindery procedures (monographs and serials) – N. Washburn

End processing instructions for various kinds of materials – J. Miles

Guidelines for determining added copy vs. different edition

Electronic resource cataloging

How to copy a bib from Four Colleges - C. Turner

Electronic version also available (monographs)

Authority control

Series instructions

streamlined cataloging

Maps cataloging internet resources - C. Spell

Collection development policy

Gifts policy

Invoice processing (general)

Invoice processing (ILL)

Budget reconciliation – S. Stangroom

Aleph EDI processing

Subject selector (and their respective LC areas of responsibilities) documentation

Serials cataloging workflows (currently rewritten for Aleph):

  • Reporting URL’s contained in newly-cataloged print records to
  • Reporting irregularities in SFX records to

SFX Documentation

  • List of eresource purchases to which we should have perpetual access (with or without small access fees?)

Other workflow documentation:

  • Cat seps and ser anals
  • Discards/discard decision file
  • CD-ROM/DVD/microfilm/microfiche/other media serials
  • Government documents
  • Reactivations
  • Current newspapers and magazines list – L. deGozzaldi
  • Uncats
    • Rush materials workflow

Useful information for Serials processing in Aleph/Aleph information:

  • Instructions for X-links: types of X-links, examples – L. deGozzaldi
  • Instructions RE enum. levels and chron. levels governing the sorting display of items – L. deGozzaldi
  • Aleph codes & command language (material type, item, item processing etc.), sort tables (*upload* material?)
  • Using the Aleph cataloging GUI (search, edit, create, delete, overlay records)

Working with OCLC:

  • Instructions for creating/maintaining LHR’s per our local policy – L. deGozzaldi
  • Documentation regarding Marc 21 Format for Holdings Records, ANSI/NISO etc. (*upload* material?) – L. deGozzaldi


  • Basic instructions for transferring holdings to the FCD (on the system): – L. deGozzaldi

–Sending our entire holdings under one title –Sending partial holdings for one title. –JSTOR versus non-JSTOR –Titles with holdings in UMDPT (UMass DP) and FCDPT (Five Colleges DP).

  • Physical preparation of volumes (packing slips etc.)
  • Documentation from the Five Colleges Depository committee (*upload* material?)


  • Basic instructions, step-by-step – L. deGozzaldi, Catherine Knapp, and Marcelle Lipke

–Searching –Holdings statement syntax in HOL records –Item manipulation (description syntax, arriving items, global changes, enum. and chron. levels) –Correct placement of barcode

  • Processing “on-the-fly” items – L. deGozzaldi, Catherine Knapp, and Marcelle Lipke

Special Projects (i.e. the 2008 retrospective linking project)

  • Specific information regarding such projects, such as use of wireless laptops and passwords.
  • Database maintenance projects in ALEPH


  • Recording statistics
  • Using ARC in conjunction with Serials or Special Projects workflow.
  • Serials checklists for checking new Aleph service pack loads – L. deGozzaldi
  • Macro Express instructions
  • Templates for forms we commonly use

(for statistics, serials processing, etc.)

"Upload" documents—large lists of information which we frequently use, and are found on the R drive:

  • Cheknotes documents (containing instructions from Innopac checkin records truncated in Aleph) – L. deGozzaldi
  • CHECKIN documents (containing information from the Innopac checkin boxes) – L. deGozzaldi

Cheat sheet" category (1-page quick reference guides), for topics where this might be useful?

How to move order records?

List of order record status codes

Primary contact: Christine Turner

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