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Withdrawal of Library Materials from the Collection

Materials without EAST commitments

Beginning point:

A. Billing provides a withdrawal slip.

B. Book Repair provides info re a damaged book.

Step 1: Add “MI” to item “Status.”

Step 2: Add Circ. Note: “WDN 6-30-16; [initials, paid*].” *Provide a one or two word reason for withdrawal.

Decision point: If there are other available items, the process is finished.

If there is only one item:

Step 3: Suppress HOL record: (Field is “STA”; enter “SUPPRESSED” in field.)

Step 4: Suppress Bib record (as per HOL) and add 910 with “withdraw.”

Step 5: Check OPAC to confirm, “The library does not have available items.”

Step 6: Remove holdings from WorldCat.

End of process: If slip is from Billing, return slip to Billing.

EAST Materials Instructions

When list of lost items to be withdrawn arrives from Billing, search each item by Bib number. Check for a 583 in the Bib confirming that the library has made a retention commitment to EAST.

If there is no 583 with an EAST commitment, process as per Withdrawal of materials from the collection: Materials without EAST retention commitments.

EAST Materials

1) If there are additional items (i.e. we hold other copies of the same edition), the other copy will be retained for EAST.

-Withdraw the missing item.

-Add “MI” to item “Status.”

-Add Circ. Note: “WDN 6-30-16; [initials, paid].

No more needs to be done.

2) If there is only one item, give the Billing sheet to Acquisitions, which they will return when the process is complete. They will attempt to replace the book.

When the book arrives, determine if it is the same edition.

1) If the book is the same edition:

-Add “MI” to item status.

-Add an internal note to the withdrawn item record: EAST lost and replaced [1-17-17, mfl].

There is no need to include the usual Circ. Note “WDN” for these items.

-Create a new item record for the replacement copy.

-Update the copy number.

-Add the following internal note to the new item: EAST replacement copy [1-17-17, mfl].

-Check the OPAC to confirm that the book appears “available.”

-Place the book on the Cataloging truck for end processing.

2) If the book is a paperback version of the same edition or a different edition:

-Determine if we have a record for this new edition.

1) If so:

Add the new book to that record as an additional copy and add the EAST 583 to the Bib. record.

2) If not: Withdraw lost item as per Withdrawals of materials from the collection

-In the internal note include brief information about the different edition: EAST lost and replaced (1995 Dover Edition) [1-17-17, mfl]

-Copy and remove the 583 from the bibliographic record.

-Remove our holdings from WorldCat.

-Export a new record from Connexion, adding an internal note in the new item record, including information about the lost edition: EAST replacement copy for 1931 edition [1-17-17, mfl]

-Paste the 583 to the bibliographic record, which should look like this:

 583 1-  
 |a committed to retain
 |c 20160630
 |d 20310630
 |f EAST
 |z UMass copy: EAST commitment
 |5 MU	 				

If we are replacing a book with a paperback version of the same edition, there is no need to report this to EAST. However, in order to keep our holdings accurate, ALL other replacements MUST be reported to EAST’s data librarian: Sara Amato:

Title cannot be replaced?

If the title is not replaceable, search the Five Colleges catalog (first) then the EAST Retention Database (second) to determine if there is a copy without an EAST retention commitment.

1) If the library receiving the request is willing to commit to retain their copy, follow EAST procedures for recording and removing retention commitment statements in catalogs.

2) If the library receiving the request does not agree to commit to retain their copy, follow EAST procedures for removing retention commitment statements in catalogs, and the book will be withdrawn from UMass following normal withdrawal procedures.

More info:

The EAST procedural document on replacing materials with retention commitments:

The list of EAST voting members:

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