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Withdrawal of Library Materials from the Collection

When a printout of a lost item to be withdrawn arrives from Billing, search each item by Bib number. Check for a 583 in the Bib to determine whether or not the library has made a retention commitment to EAST. If there is a commitment, it will look like this:

583 1-

 |a committed to retain
 |c 20160630
 |d 20310630
 |f EAST
 |z UMass copy: EAST commitment
 |5 MU	 				

Materials without EAST commitments

Beginning point:

Billing provides a withdrawal slip or Book Repair provides info on a damaged book to withdraw.

Step 1: Add “MI” to item “Status.”

Step 2: Add a Circ. Note with your initials and a one or two word reason for the withdrawal:

“WDN 6-30-16; [mfl, paid].” or “WDN 6-30-16; [mfl, damaged].”

Decision point: If there are other available items, the process is finished.

If there is only one item:

Step 3: Suppress HOL record: (Field is “STA”; enter “SUPPRESSED” in field.)

Step 4: Suppress Bib record (as per HOL) and add 910 with “withdraw.”

Step 5: Check OPAC to confirm, “The library does not have available items.”

End of process: Remove holdings from WorldCat.

Materials with EAST commitments

1) If there are additional items (i.e. we hold other copies of the same edition), the other copy will be retained for EAST.

-Withdraw the missing item.

-Add “MI” to item “Status.”

-Add Circ. Note: “WDN 6-30-16; [initials, paid].

No more needs to be done.

2) If there is only one item, withdraw the book as per the above instructions, amending the note in the item to read: “EAST WDN.” Remove the 583 from the bib and add the title to the numbered EAST Book Withdrawn list. Include a brief title, author, year of publication and OCLC#, as per the examples below:

22. On the road / Kerouac, 2007 OCLC #82368045

23. Formal approaches to poetry / edited by B. Elan Dresher, 2006 OCLC #62738568

This list includes the following:

  1. EAST titles we have not been able to replace.
  2. EAST titles we have not attempted to replace.
  3. EAST titles we (or a patron) have replaced with a different edition.

This list is periodically sent to the following address, where our EAST commitments are updated: At the moment, we are no longer attempting to replace EAST withdrawn titles.

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