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Withdrawal of Library Materials from the Collection

There are many reasons why books are withdrawn. Many are withdrawn by Circulation because they have been missing for a long time. Others are damaged or duplicates.

Before withdrawing a book, check the bib. to see if the library has made a commitment to retain the book for EAST. If so, there will be a 583 field, which looks like this:

583 1-

 |a committed to retain
 |c 20160630
 |d 20310630
 |f EAST
 |z UMass copy: EAST commitment
 |5 MU	 				

Assuming there is only one item (only one copy), remove this 583 and add the title to the EAST list. Any changes to our EAST commitments should be kept on this list: EAST Reallocations Spreadsheet

Add OCLC numbers for titles WITHOUT EAST commitments here:

Include the title, author, OCLC number and, if necessary, a brief explanation of why the EAST commitment is being withdrawn.


 La belle époque / Gilbert Guilleminault, 1957.  
 OCLC #3953968
 This was a mismatch.  We have instead the 1958 edition OCLC #10255465.  
 Transferred commitment.

We send this list to EAST twice a year (May and December): Meiyolet Mendez: [].


  • Add “MI” to item “Status.”
  • Add a Circ. Note with your initials and a one or two word reason for the withdrawal:
   EAST WDN 12-27-18; [mfl, msg.].
   WDN 12-27-18; [mfl, damaged].
   WDN 12-27-18; [mfl, paid].

If there are other available items, the process is finished.

If there is only one item (which is usually the case):

  • Suppress HOL record: (Field is “STA”; enter “SUPPRESSED” in field.)
  • Suppress Bib record (as per HOL) and add 910 with “withdraw.”
  • Check OPAC to confirm, “The library does not have available items.”

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