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Procedures for Cataloging Y federal documents

Search Aleph in FCLO 1 by title (or other field(s) if title is not distinct). Are there any other copies in the 5C? If so, give to supervisor. If not:

Search WorldCat by title. Look for a record for the print resource cataloged in English, not microform or electronic. If no record for the print, but another format, a print record can be derived. See supervisor for instructions.

Examine print record to be sure it is identical to the piece in hand. SuDoc number or other special numbers on the piece are useful for this, as well as pagination, date, and author(s).

Examine record for presence of minimal FastCat standards. Do not normally question forms of name, choice of added entries beyond presence of main author, or choice or form of subject headings.

Search OCLC no. in Aleph before exporting to be sure you will not overlay a cataloged record, then if no record in Aleph found, export record to Aleph.

Add 928 AUTHORITY, 930 OCLC, and 910 [initials and date] in bib record.

Delete any 776 field relating to alternate record for online version [this provides no access and is potentially confusing to users]

Create item record with SubLibrary UMDUB, Collection USTOY, Material Type BOOK, Item Status 22, and Item Processing Status [blank].

Apply barcode to upper left hand comer of front cover of piece in hand. Be careful not to cover the SuDoc no., usually written in the same area. It is OK to cover part of the title if it is also on the title page, but if not, do not cover the title with the barcode (or any other information not on the title page)

Create holdings record. If there is a LC call number in the bib, this will migrate to the holdings record. In that case, leave the LC number in the bib record, but delete it from the holdings record, and copy and paste the SuDoc no. (086 with first indicator 0) from the bib record into the 852 subfield h. Change the 852 first indicator to 3 (to indicate SuDoc no.). Verify that the call no. in the item record has the SuDoc no. If there is no SuDoc no. in the bib record, enter the SuDoc no. written on the piece into the 852 3 subfield h. [see supervisor for instructions on formatting SuDoc numbers].

NOTE: Serial vs. Monograph

Some of these titles are such that they might normally be treated as serials (e.g. annual or quarterly report). However, for many of these, a good monograph cataloging record exists on OCLC for the piece in hand, and it is simpler and preferable to use the monograph copy. If there is no good monograph record, or if it seems necessary to treat as a serial, give the volume(s) to a supervisor.

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