ADM to ADM transfer of Bibs, Holdings, and Items Records in Aleph

This process is used to move sets of bib, holdings, and item records from one ADM to the other. The first project this process was created for was to move Smith College Microfilm into the UMass ADM and then to assimilate it into our Microfilm collections.


Step one: Copying/downloading Records from one ADM and loading them into another (Steve)

Step two: Remove the ENUM information out of the notes field and put it where it belongs (Rick)

This step was accomplished using the following SQL code (“–” indicates a comment):

– load bib nbrs into rick_smtmicro_1

– get adm nbr

alter table rick_smtmicro_1 add adm_nbr char(9) ; update rick_smtmicro_1 set adm_nbr = ( select substr(z103_rec_key,6,9) from fcl01.z103 where substr(z103_rec_key,1,5) = 'UMA50' and z103_rec_key_1 = 'FCL01' || substr(bib_nbr,1,9) ) ; commit ;

– parse note field

drop table rick_smtmicro_2 ; create table rick_smtmicro_2 as select z30_rec_key, z30_note_internal, substr(regexp_substr(z30_note_internal,'\$\$a[^\$\s]+'),4,20) a, substr(regexp_substr(z30_note_internal,'\$\$b[^\$\s]+'),4,20) b, substr(regexp_substr(z30_note_internal,'\$\$i[^\$\s]+'),4,20) i, substr(regexp_substr(z30_note_internal,'\$\$j[^\$\s]+'),4,20) j, substr(regexp_substr(z30_note_internal,'\$\$k[^\$\s]+'),4,20) k, z30_enumeration_a, z30_enumeration_b, z30_chronological_i, z30_chronological_j, z30_chronological_k from rick_smtmicro_1, uma50.z30 where z30_rec_key like adm_nbr || '%' ;

– move values to various item fields

update uma50.z30 z set (z30_enumeration_a, z30_enumeration_b, z30_chronological_i, z30_chronological_j, z30_chronological_k) = ( select a, b, i, j, k from rick_smtmicro_2 r where r.z30_rec_key = z.z30_rec_key ) where z.z30_rec_key in ( select s.z30_rec_key from rick_smtmicro_2 s ) ; commit ;

Step three: Barcode and accession number changes in Aleph (Kat)

In Aleph:

  1. Open the cataloging module
  2. Left sidebar tabs- click on the binoculars icon to open the FIND feature.
  3. Use the “advanced search tab” that is now visible in the upper center of the screen.
    1. Set the base to “UMA staff cat” (See image in next step)
    2. Set the first dropdown in this tab to search “ALEPH BIB Doc Number” and enter the number of the recently uploaded bib to be edited.
  4. Your search should provide one search result. Double check that the title is the same as the bib from the document you are referring to that lists the newly uploaded bib records. Also check the reproduction note to confirm that the microform format and (if applicable) the number of reels/cards/fiches are the same. If it matches, double click on the highlighted line in the top box. If it doesn't use the search tree in the lift hand side bar to click on the [F]Find to redo your search with additional information from your spreadsheet (try title, publication info, OCLC numbers, etc)

  1. The bib record will now open up in the main viewing window. Scroll down to see if there is a 590 field. If there is, copy it in case you need it in the next step. Change the 590 to a 500.
  2. At the same time as when the bib opens up in the main menu, a tree display will appear in the lower left pane that describes the relationships the bib record has to the holdings and item records that are attached to it. Double click on the holdings record, Which should start out like : HOL - UMDUB

  1. This is where you will do most of your editing. They should something like this:
    1. OWN _ a UM (should be already done- double check)
    2. LKR _ a HOL l FCL01 _bALEPH SYSTEM # you used to find these records (should be already done- double check.)
    3. 852 8_ b UMDUB
      1. 852 c ← this one is important! Check the material type and assign the appropriate code:
        1. MicroCard=UMCR
        2. Microprint=UMFP
        3. Microfilm=UMFM
        4. Microform=UMFS
        5. Microfische=UMMFF (Yes, this one is longer for whatever reason)
      2. 852 h ←Accession number depends on the publication type… , I have learned from Mel that:
        1. Accession numbers starting with the letter A=newspapers and periodicals
        2. Accession numbers starting with the letter D=government docs (department of state, census of population, etc)
        3. Plain Accession numbers not preceded by letters=other collections, such as the papers of so-and-so, etc.
        4. Accession numbers starting with SC are from Smith College.
    4. 866_ a ← If there is NO 866 field, then create one and add the information you copied from the 590 field in the bib record. If there is no 590 and no 866 keep going and don't worry.
  2. Press CTL+L to save your edits
  3. Change/edit the accession number on the physical item if you needed to change it in Aleph.
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