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The Batch Loading Team (BLT)

BLT is a working group designed to coordinate the batch loading of resources. BLT's members are Jennifer Eustis, Ann Kardos, and Mary Ann Stoddart.

Agenda & Notes

Links to working spreadsheets:

MARC Collection Codes: lists all the collection codes in use for UMass Amherst

MARC Record Load: lists the latest batch imports into the system with file names and comments

Five Colleges In Common Electronic Resources: list of resources for each of the five colleges

Archived older copies of the above spreadsheets, documentation on how to load for certain resources, and copies of files (mrc, xml, etc.) can be found on the shared network drive called RecordLoading.

Relevant Wiki Documentation:


Databases & Packages

E-resource record quality checklist

Batch Record Loading Updating and editing instructions

MARC Record loading

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