CORAL, or Centralized Online Resource: Acquisitions and Licensing

CORAL 2.0 is now up and running at UMass, and can be found at Just select the image of the Du Bois Library, choose a Module, and log in with your credentials.

To view these documents you must be logged into UMass Apps. In the Google login box, type your email and you will be redirected to a NetID login screen.

CORAL Glossaries What the terminology in CORAL means, and how UMass is using it.

Creating a Resource Record How to create a uniform Resource Record.

Making Changes to Workflows How to make edits to the workflows in the Resource Module.

Creating a New Organization Record How to create a uniform Organization Record.

Creating a New License Record How to create a uniform License Record.

Editing Expressions & The Terms Tool How to add expressions and use the Terms Tool in the Licensing Module.

Liaison FAQ Information on who Liaisons should contact under specific circumstances.

A few more procedures and tutorials can be found in the Critical Documents folder on the DRMS drive as PDFs. All of the above document are also within that file directory on the DRMS Drive. If you have specific questions, want to know more, or need to create a user account for CORAL please ask Jack, Kat, or Scott!

Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney

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