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The Batch Services Working Group (BSW)

BSW works to coordinate batch services in Aleph and in particular the batch loading of bibliographic metadata title sets for eresources and batch processing Local Holdings Records for print serials. Members are Jennifer Eustis, Ann Kardos, and Jaime Taylor.

Agenda & Notes

Tracking Batch Loads:

Batch loads are now tracked using Trello, the UMass Batch Loading Activities. Number of titles loaded is still recorded in CORAL. Previous tracking documents for UMass and current 5C tracking spreadsheets can be found below.

MARC Collection Codes: lists all the collection codes in use for UMass Amherst

MARC Record Load: lists the latest batch imports into the system with file names and comments

Five Colleges In Common Electronic Resources: list of resources for each of the five colleges

eResource Platform and URL Changes: Submit platform changes for epackages.

Archived older copies of the above spreadsheets, documentation on how to load for certain resources, and copies of files (mrc, xml, etc.) can be found on the shared network drive called RecordLoading and Collection Management for LHRs.

Link to MarcEdit Tasks:

There are archived tasks on the Record Load shared network drive. Current tasks can be found on GitHub.

MarcEdit Tasks for electronic resources MARC files

Relevant Wiki Documentation:


Databases & Packages

Setting Holdings for Bibliographic Titles in OCLC

Reference Only Wiki Pages - Not Used for Current Procedures:

Alexander Street Marc Loading

Batch REcord Loading Updating and Editing Instructions

MARC Record Loading

Safari MARC Loading



UMA OCLC Local Discovery Service Configuration: REFERENCE ONLY


New E Book titles

Separate record policy for free eresources

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